What is VisualCron?

The one-minute-video-explainer

A task scheduler, an automation or an integration tool?

VisualCron is an automation and integration tool for Windows used all over the world. About 50% of the customers are based in US.

VisualCron combines many features into one product. Through scheduling you can set your Jobs to run on a specific time or event with the help of Triggers. The Tasks in each Job automate scripts and eliminate human errors. Through various Tasks you can integrate different systems through file transfer, encryption, compression and transformation.

VisualCron works with common protocols and services like; SFTP, FTP, SCP, SSH, SQL, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Slack, PeopleSoft, VMWare, SSRS, Exchange, WebDAV, Office365, Pushbullet, Crystal reports, Dynamic CRM, AS/400, IIS, Informatica, Azure Service Bus, Rabbit MQ, Telegram, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MySQL, Twitter, HyperV, MSMQ, PDF, Sharepoint and more.

Core values

Innovation - make use of the technology, constantly providing new features and deliver the most effient software

Satisfaction - providing fast, personal, flexible support and exact results

Solutions - focus on providing a solution for complex problems and scenarios

Education - educate customers on best practices and usage. Keep the forum alive to enable customer knowledge exchange

Quality - deliver seamless, high security and fast performing software. Constantly enhance quality to provide better results

To solve and automate everyday Task scheduling for everyone. To support the latest technologies, standards and protocols by constantly update our software. To provide an interface that is easy to use and gives enough information to answer questions like; When did this Job run? What does it do? Who ran it? How did it go?

We want to move our product forward to further comply with enterprise scheduling, automation and integration standards.

Be the #1 choice when it comes to task scheduling, automation and integration. To always provide a competitive price and give instant ROI. To provide 100% user satisfaction on time.


Here are some random fun facts about VisualCron

Customer origin

About half of our customers come from the US. South Africa only stands for 1% but we still love you anyway ;)


When asking for feedback 63% of our customers use the word 'love' - the other ones do not need to say it ‹3

Business category

Our biggest customer category is 'Legal & Financial' and stands for 18% - the smallest one 'Home & Garden' - but it is still growing

Trial to purchase

One third of those who download and try VisualCron purchases it. We guess that two thirds are Linux users who downloaded by mistake

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