5 smart ways automation is revolutionizing your sales

In the fast-growing world of technology, there are a lot of experiments and inventions happening all around. One such invention is the- AI or automation process. Automated tools are taking over the human, as it works on the database automation to perform its functions with much human intervention. Like every other field the sales and marketing system is also getting a lot of benefits with the growing trend of automation. There are a lot of change taking place in our experience of purchasing and also the sales process.

Let us take a look how automation is revolutionising the process of sales.

1. Leading your way: Based on the pattern of your data the implementation automated software can study the common practices and patterns to provide you with the leads on what a salesman should next on the basis of what is your biggest consumer base and who is actually buying your service.

2. Interact with consumer: An improved consumer to service provider communication sure helps in the growth of the business as then you know what your customer wants. Now if the queries of your consumers are automatically organized in a manner that you do not have to look for answers each time a customer calls, as it is already on the top list. This process of reducing human intervention is called task automation. Now you do not have to do all the research by yourself as the automation categorizes everything into place. It is a studied phenomenon that consumers are ready to invest in a brand of the consumer services are more sorted and helpful.

3. Know the consumer behavior: With a good automation process in place you can even study the behavior of your consumer as it tracks their web activity on your page or similar platforms. Knowing what your customer is viewing will help you cater to his demands in better ways. If the sales team of your organization is well trained to study these patterns that is all you need to boom your sales.

4. Event scheduling and E-mails: With a well place automated system you can even have your inbox sorted without you doing the major work. A synced calendar can provide you all the important information about the dates for sales meetings and other important events. You do not have to sit and waste time in filtering your inbox which you can rather spend on strategizing sales techniques and studying consumer behavior.

5. Easing the purchasing process: The inclusion of automation and well-planned business automation software lets your consumer control his purchase and order. Other advancements like automated billing will assist your consumer in easy payment option without waiting in long queues. Similarly, order automation provides the freedom of payment options and control over their order.

Automation is empowering the sales and marketing department with its smart ways of working and behaviour study techniques. As the trend grows, it will become more important for the businesses to know their consumers better to keep up with the growth and improved market value.


The irresistible rise of job scheduling software

Job scheduling software has taken the IT sector to the new level of optimization. The concept of scheduling is not new in the IT processes but the enterprise-wide automated job scheduling is so advanced and effective that IT operations took time to understand and implement it. The concept of monitoring the entire enterprise-wide tasks operating across networks on different platforms and systems is mind-boggling to the industry which had been doing jobs in small clusters and then later try and integrate them all. Be it Linux Job Scheduling or windows job scheduling, the integration is seamless.

For the IT manager, the primary benefit is being able to monitor and schedule tasks across the network.  The main factors that have made automated job scheduling so popular are:

Production jobs being centrally controlled

The advantage of having a central monitoring facility to monitor all the jobs across the network is immensely helpful. Being able to view and access the output of every single task and assess the outcome enables the manager to have updated thorough knowledge of the environment.

This can be used to project the trends and improve forecasts. It can be used to explain decisions taken for production. At the micro-level, the automation scheduler facilitates easy management of the data center on a daily basis. It also enables easy management of production job streams.

Schedules driven by cross-system events

Here the scheduling is more for the people working across different platforms rather than computers. The scheduling is done in such a way that a particular event, for example, on Windows platform triggers off only on completion of a specific task on the UNIX platform. The overall scheduling is streamlined. The benefit being elimination of ‘safety’ periods built into the schedules earlier.

Environments, jobs and commands are reusable.

Job Scheduling software is able to store the set the commands, jobs, and environments at a central location. These environments, commands, and jobs can be reused on multiple systems. They need to be defined only once thus saving a lot of time. The programmers benefit immensely by this.

Job schedule is secured

Three crucial elements that secure a job schedule are minimized authority, single sign-on, and auditing.

It is possible to create role-based security option with the automated scheduler which minimizes access based on roles defined for the people working in the environment such as administrator, operator, and user as the case may be.

Single sign-on is easily possible from the central console and information can be easily retrieved from multiple systems be it Windows, Linux or Mac.

Job history logs are very important to the auditing process as they supply the audit trail. This helps in meeting the relevant regulatory requirements.


The benefits in terms of streamlining processes, reducing the overall time schedule, reduction in personnel required for the production makes job scheduling software most sought-after tool for IT companies.  Apart from these benefits, they are re-usable for multiple systems and are secure at the same time. This has helped businesses to become more cost-effective and deliver optimal results.


4 Effective Tips for Small Business Automation

Automation is enhancing the business efficiency and simplifying the lives of people in general. It is helping reap maximum benefits from a business by automating the general business processes. Organizations  are saving on time input,  cut down costs and leaving more intelligence problems for their manual workforce to handle. It’s the  machines that are now performing tasks while eliminating human errors. In simple terms, automation process is an innovative, hands free approach to simplify complex  business problems. 

If you want your small business to grow, you cannot handle everything manually. Business with an automation strategy can easily respond to market changes faster and respond more effectively to unexpected situations. It's important to automate your business process as much as possible to seize your business goals.

Here are four effective tips summarised for you to get started with small business automation process.

1. Use Automation for Daily Tasks

If you will think deeply, you will find that most of the daily tasks consume more time than it actually requires, therefore affecting business productivity. The certain daily tasks can include:

  • Internal and External Communication
  • Checking emails
  • Providing customer support
  • Project Management

Rather than depending on tools and other applications, these tasks can be automated according to their categories.  Instead of checking emails every few minutes, you can go through it twice or thrice a day and save a lot of time. 

2. Social Media Automation

While, it is impossible for you to automate genuine replies, engagement, and real time conversations with your customers, fans and people following you on social media, but there are many more  aspects that  can be automated.

Use  as much as tools built for engagement that automatically recognize, identify and drag your followers towards the latest updates in your account. Additionally, you can thank your followers, follow or unfollow them - all automatically.  You can also use social media automation for educating your customers, lead nurturing and a lot of more reasons.

3. Use Automation for Repetitive Tasks

For this, first you need to identify all the tasks that are repetitive  and labor intensive.  Which tasks of your business’s operation have much human added value and which tasks needs repetitive management?  Once you find the answers of these questions, all you need is to automate them first. These tasks may include:

  • Invoicing
  • Creating reports
  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Inventory Management

4. Integrate Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an effective method  of simplifying and streamlining several marketing operations with the use of  accurate software. Every business has to deal with a list of conversion paths for their clients and valuable customers.  A list of these unique conversion paths may include:

  • Social Media Conversions
  • Google Search
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing

As it is very inconvenient for an individual  to chase these conversion paths. This is where Marketing automation comes into action.


Automation is the ongoing and next generation solution especially for small businesses and startups for successful growth. For effective business operations and saving cost and time, you can opt the VisualCron for your day to day business automation requirements. Get in touch with us for more information on the same.

Business Automation Software: A Necessary Tool

It is possible that you have heard of Business Automation Software. However, you are dubious to adopt one of them for your organizational task related solutions. You may refer to some professionals who have already used this platform for their successful business structure. The Business Automation Software is capable of keeping all the data in a structured manner while providing a common platform for the users. It is a great benefit to the organizations where multiple people are focussed towards a specific set of jobs. The business automation software adds flexibility to the job and prevents the miscommunication factors.

Human-based workflow structures is an effective source. However, humans tend to make an error and get cozy at times. It doesn't matter how efficient your management team is, what matters is the strategy and methods to implement a correct workflow. A properly channelized workflow ensures clarity in employee communications and saves a  lot of time.

The performance of an automation software is based on a set of algorithms and programs, and hence, it prevents the hassles. You do not need to communicate with your fellow employees and departments in person. You can just set a task and assign it with a mouse click. It optimizes your potential and efforts and enhances your decision-making at your workplace. The employee performance can also be improved by regular analyzation of the data and implementing the necessary work policies.

Various business automation software takes care of the trends that are followed in the market. They provide you the regular updates along with the data analytics tools. These tools gather and convert the data workflow into graphical and diagram based information that is color-coded and easily communicable. This information can be used to set policies and construct employee and workflow structure more effectively.

This software includes a user-friendly design and features to simplify the most common commands and Incorporating a business automation software in your workplace take some time. You need to hire an expert who can train the employees in your organization so that they can get used to the software structure and handling. You would notice a drastic change in the employee efficiency and work delivery. The data regularly gets backed up.

While choosing an automation software, you need to take care of few things. Please make sure that the software maker ensures the customer support and troubleshooting assistance. Also, the automation software should be designed to fulfill the requirement of your business and provide you the customization options.

How a windows scheduling software can keep you organized

It can be concluded that most of the businesses are empowered on the windows based platform as compared to Linux. Windows has remained in prior usage since the older times and every industry is consuming the flexibility of Windows since it is capable of running most efficient programs in bulk. The requirement of any business is the multiple tasks handling and the management recruited for it. In the time where every information and data is collected and stored in digital form, having a scheduling software sounds a necessary approach. To build an efficient process handling, the windows scheduling software have been introduced in the recent times and various industries are being benefited by them. Let's discuss some areas where businesses found it highly beneficial.


Employee details and workflow management

Maintaining a proper and structured workflow is the aim of any organization. This helps in smooth flow of information and distribution within the organization. Employees are an asset to any organization and maintaining their data is a necessary requirement. The HR or management of various organizations is adopting the task scheduling software for its flexible usage. Wherein it provides the benefit of scheduling various priorities and tasks between the people and communicative platforms in an organization; it also helps to sufficiently retain the employee related information like reports and personal information on the database.


Efficient results

All businesses are focussed towards the longevity and profit margins. The stability of any organization lies within the structure of the processes. The processes need to be optimized efficiently to reach expected results. An unstable process possesses the high degree of variation. All successful businesses focus on their minute processes. Employees are also interested in working for a structured and well-controlled environment. When things remain resolved and channelized, it becomes easy for the process holders to communicate with more clarity and authority. Therefore, the results are comparatively more positive and fulfilling.


Business Insights and Improvements

Insights help in achieving better results. Improvements can only be implemented when the insights and data reports are accurate. Windows scheduling software comes with an added benefit of generating reports and analytical data like spreadsheets, a graphical representation of workflow and color coded information that specifies every aspect of data information in the detailed form. The management can work on these insights and bring out the improvements and necessary implementation of policies to serve towards the stability of the organizational process.

Remain notified with batch job scheduling

Batch Job Scheduling refers to assigning various tasks to various sets of employees. Some tasks which are machine driven needs automation. These tasks are repetitive in nature and require and push start each time. Job scheduling automates these processes and stores a predefined command in the memory. These processes include tasks like application launches, script running, web pages execution, start and restart commanding, task assigning, task tracking and report generating, etc. It provides the flexibility of handling the processes anytime with no limitation of time.

The notifications play an important role in the batch scheduling. You define a set of task and assign various deadlines and priorities to them. Thereon you need not look back as the batch job scheduler keeps you notified using the system tray icon and live pop-ups each time a task reaches its alert time. You can edit and reassign them anytime and keep the process running in an orderly manner. It comes with easy functions like search, quick access, batch selection and deletion, timeline setter, deadline reminder, live alerts, messaging and file sharing and lot more. It works on both organizational levels as well as for personal use. For organization-level performance, you need to customize and use its advanced features. Once implemented, the employees can easily get used to them in no time.

The logs and reports can be generated. These are useful in the technical tracking of the software functioning by the IT department and help you to deal with its customization. The reports can help you to predict the nature of task implementation and efficiency of it. The password protection features and numerous security tools are well designed to provide the optimum performance. The batch job scheduling handles a lot of information at the same time that is equivalent to the work assigned to a large number of employees. It is an advanced technology and saves your money and efforts for the long run. It has a great accuracy and output generation.

More and more businesses are adopting this technology to create a smooth work environment and attain better results. It has the efficiency to provide the optimum results even at the personal level job management. If you work in a compressed work culture with few resources, it can work as a boon for you.

How An Enterprise Job Scheduler Simplifies The Processes

You often find the inbox filled with infinite emails which are cluttered. Now, it becomes a set of task for you to manually operate and filter them. You hire a team to do the task and spend a large amount by paying them. There are many such tasks that go all together in an organizational work structure. These are called processes. Business processes have adopted the job scheduler long time ago and it has served the various multinational companies. An enterprise job scheduler is not uncommon but of great use. If you run a business, you would be surprised to know that it can eliminate the requirement of data management team. While you still need few manual hands to manage the software itself, but it would a fraction of what you were already doing. Enterprise Job scheduler comes with various benefits and inbuilt tools. Let's discuss them a little.

Easy communication is what every enterprise demands. While manual conversations have almost been eliminated from the organizational structure, virtual communications are playing a role in keeping people connected. It saves a lot of time and resources while keep the employees away from distractions. This in turn makes them more focussed towards their set of assigned tasks. The hierarchical structure of tasks is always associated with the Enterprise Job Scheduler. It comes with the predesigned algorithm based platform that automatically keeps the track of various forms of data in the alphabetical and timely order.

While data analysation cannot be neglected, it serves a lot in the administration related tasks. The job of the analytical tool is to keep the track of various processes in order to provide the information to the user. It is in the form of graphs and pie charts. It informs the administrator regarding the tasks like attendance, regularity, task completion, productivity goal advancements, pending work and so on. On the whole, it would help you in generating the conclusion for positive strategy and goals. This is also useful in keeping the employees accountable and remaining alert. As they come to know that their work status is being tracked, they become more responsible and prevent errors.

Enterprise job scheduler has been adopted by a large section of business all over the globe. You can efficiently add a lot to your business work structure by simply making it the part of your organization workflow.  It yields great results and does not even require much of a maintenance.


What Are Cloud Transfers And How They Help You

Cloud services for data transferring and retaining has become much popular in the last few  years. For some, these are ineffective while for others they serve very well. The requirement, usage and choice of cloud operator are the essential factors to judge its efficiency. We  understand that having dedicated servers at your enterprise is far more suitable than having them over the cloud. However, what if you keep the cloud service as a backup source. In case you accidentally lose your current servers due to some unfortunate event, you can always get back and set your file database. Some  enterprises directly prefer to use the cloud servers as many commit to take care of file database regularly and efficiently. A large number of enterprises already had a good experience with them. Cloud based file system can also be automated like the local file systems and processes. Let’s discuss few cloud based file transfer protocols.

Enterprise to Cloud

There are three types of cloud server hosting that an enterprise can hire. These are hybrid, public and private cloud. As the name suggests, the private cloud transfers works within the enterprise and thus leads to faster file and data processing and low amount of downtime. Private clouds are also beneficial in protection against the threats since the server data does not coincide with the  public information. Secondly public clouds retains data quite sufficiently but may also require additional services like backing up files and file system regularly. These cloud systems can be easily integrated with the automation in order to handle multiple tasks like file backups, program upgrades, FTP management,etc.

Cloud To Cloud

These type of file transfers runs between the big enterprises like popular ecommerce platforms and social media websites. Cloud to cloud file transfer technology does not include any local file transfers and the performance depends on cloud pipe size. Many enterprises have even started using the cloud to Cloud File Automation so as to synchronize files and access from anywhere.

Mobile To Cloud

Since enterprises do not run on mobile technologies like smartphones, tablets and netbooks, very few applications are designed to enhance the cloud transfer experience. This may include one touch applications like note taking apps, instant file recording, photo uploading, basic programs and editing applications, etc. The data can be automated for synchronization and can be later accessed from other cloud connected devices.

Essential Features Of A Workflow Management Software

Be it the document management or email, everything in an organization requires a smooth and timely management. It helps to keep the things run pretty smooth and error free. The dependency on the employees that are hired to take care of simple job management tasks consumes so much of the resource that can be used elsewhere. In the age of technology, if the manual dependency becomes the question, there is a need for workflow  management software. A workflow management software is nothing but a piece of well coded software that is capable of triggering the predefined tasks and maintain their hierarchy. It is a well defined work platform that has some advanced features. These features go hand in hand with the task management and contributes a lot to the CRM structure of the organization. While it is particularly designed for the non technical users, it does contain the technical advanced features that can be handled by the IT department of your organization. The great thing about it is that almost everyone is capable to work on the same platform while retaining their limited rights that are been assigned by the administrator.

The simplicity in design adds to the ease of using the software platform. Once the software is introduced in the enterprise, a basic training can be provided to the employees on its usage. The software usually comes with the manuals and guides that one can easily rely upon. For advanced troubleshooting, the technical support of the manufacturer is the option. It easily gets integrated by your windows program and runs very efficiently. The Interface resembles as that of the outlook, so you would not have to dig deep down to understand it.

The communications are simplified to a great extent. In an organizational setup, it is far better to communicate virtually than personally. It saves a lot of time and prevents the hassle of surprisingly shocking someone at the desk. With the ease of sitting at your desk, you can use the chat and messaging tools that would easily let the person know that you are online or offline. The files can be shared and retained for future use. The people who are in your circle can also access those files in the event of necessity.

Workflow Management Software powers up the HR department of your organization. With so many responsibilities, HR of any organization tend to produce error. This can easily avoid those situation. Now, HR can easily manage the employee and salary data so that there would no miscommunication and queries. The data reports can also be generated and emailed in bulk to various departments and employees at the same time.

The analytical tools are very important to run any business. The workflow management software comes with the integrated tools that provides you the insights on various areas like employee workflow, task pendency, client transactions and various other options. This would let you run your business smoothly and implement the necessary products and policies by analysing the model.


Eliminate Potential Errors With The Windows Automation Software

Business runs on various parallel processes. Some of these processes are handled by software commands while the rest of them are manually operated. Both of them have one thing in common that they are bound to be managed regularly. Process management in bulk is out of the human efficient or it requires a vast employee force to do so. Windows automation softwares came as a solution to these issues. It is a user friendly platform where all the automated tasks and processes can be easily triggered by setting a one time command. The control dynamics and versatility of this automation software takes away the pain of spending too much of the resources on simple set of tasks. For the users, the programming language is not required while the programmers can definitely take part in the advanced features of it.

VisualCron is one such windows automation software that is hassle free and provide wide range of benefits. This windows automation software performs smoothly with windows and various other operating systems. It ensures the proper job scheduling and eliminates the manual input every time. The preset templates are useful enough to get started and it would not require much efforts to learn the user interface. Once the program is introduced in the work environment, it requires few hours of training session to train the employees.

The windows automation software like visualcron has the spreadsheet format and various tools and triggers resembles that of the microsoft word or excel. It is easy to handle in all situation and employees in many organizations found it easy when compared to their older CMS based platform. The whole software came up with the idea to provide the most effective results while eliminating the complicated interface so that even a non programmer can access it to its best. The automation software never runs out of energy and as long as your computers are working, it does its work. It definitely requires a regular maintenance in the form of technical check that can be easily done on the weekly basis by your technical team. It does not require much efforts to so and hence saves a lot of resources.

The automation softwares have been adopted by multinational companies in their work environment and they are serving them since years. It is very much a requirement than a choice nowadays. To remain in the business competition, one needs to spend the resources and energy on more complicated tasks while the automation software performs its work in the repetitive tasks. The faster results are as accurate as they are expected to be. If you have not yet opted the one for your business, it is the time that you take the right decision for your business.

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