Business Process Automation or what is popularly known as BPA is simply a process of managing information, data, and procedures in a way through which costs, resources, and investment can be minimized. With the help of BPA, businesses are able to enhance their productivity by automating business processes with the help of computing technologies. When a person hears the word automation, then the first thing that comes to his mind is robots making cars. But you should know that this type of automation is just industrial automation, which is entirely different from the kind of automation we are discussing here. On one side, IA focuses on automating physical labour; the BPA focuses on workload automation and process automation.  

Currently, more and more businesses are adopting BPA and getting benefited from it. Instead of making your employees busy in particular business operations, you allow software solutions to take care of it.

What is the importance of BPA?

There are many benefits offered by the Business Process Automation system, and because of the long list of benefits, it becomes paramount for businesses to adopt BPA in their firm. Workflow automation through BPA offers a bunch of benefits. So, let’s take a look at some of the critical benefits of BPA so that you can understand its importance.

  • Minimized Errors

You should know that mistakes are a part of human nature, and it doesn’t matter how qualified or skilled employees you hire, it will always be prone to errors and mistakes. Most of the documentation mistakes made by businesses are user-generated. Such type of errors occurs mostly occur because of manual data entry.

This is just an example of errors in business documentation as such mistakes are made at various levels and in different forms, but that is not the case after the adoption of Business Process Automation as it wipes out the need for manual entry and the information is automatically transferred to the digital database. With the help of BPA, you can completely wipe out any chances of error in the documentation and other processes.

  • Reduced cost

Another great advantage of BPA is cost-effectiveness. Since BPA frees your employees by automating most of the task automate, you have more staff-hours available. So this means that even after reducing the workforce, the output of your company won’t be hampered as those employees who used to be busy in manual workload can now be freed and invest their time and energy on something that matters and add to productivity. With the help of BPA, you will be able to focus more on the quality of your employees instead of quantity, and therefore, you will be able to save the cost spent on a large number of employees.

  • Better collaboration

If you are dealing with a complex project in your firm, then monitoring every employee and making sure that there is proper flow of information becomes very difficult, time-taking and complicated. But if you will automate tasks like keeping track of the project process, updating team members, setting goals, seamless flow of information then your team members will be able to collaborate in a better way and give better results.

How are industries leveraging BPA?

Here is the example of two different industries using BPA:-

  • Retail

Some of the biggest hassles of the Retail industry are inventory management, high rates of employee turnover, multi-location store management, and paper documents. Well, all these problems are now being solved by adopting BPA in the form of a single automated platform for managing orders, enhanced inventory management, better transportation cycle management and secured customer and employees information storage.

  • Healthcare

When it comes to the Healthcare industry, then the most significant obstacles are a legacy computer system, proper compliance documents, lack of communication and inefficient manual data entry. Well, in the current era, the healthcare industry is overcoming such obstacles by automation as it helps in a central repository for the records of patient and billing, improve compliance reporting, hundred percent automated data entry and PII encoding.

Mistakes to avoid in BPA

  • Not able to define automation strategy

If you don’t want your organization’s journey of automation to go haywire, then you should have a defined automation strategy as this is one of the biggest mistakes which most of companies commit while adopting BPA. Most of the businesses create teams, go for the most evident and profitable process and work on it. But you should never do such a thing as it can have a devastating effect on your business.

  • Over-Automation

Automating a significant part of your business process might make sense in some cases but over-automating can have an adverse impact on your business. If you have planned to move towards automation, then you should choose processes that have a better probability of delivering quick results, and you can highlight their success. Such a type of approach might look obvious, but if followed correctly, it can build momentum.

  • Overlooking the end-users

You must understand that the users are the backbone of your process, and they play a significant role in deciding how a process will be executed. Most of the organizations ignore their end-user while planning critical business strategies like automation, but you should never do so. Involving end-users in the automation planning will give you better insight, and you will be able to implement BPA in a much better way while getting expected results from it.

Why trust VisualCron’s BPA tool?

VisualCron’s BPA tool is one of the most trusted and popular BPA tools that are used by businesses of all sizes and industries. One of the best things about our BPA tool is that they are straightforward to use. You and your team don’t need to invest too much time in understanding as it is very user-friendly, and you don’t even need programming skills to use our BPA tool. In addition to this, we understand the tight budget constraints of SMEs, and that’s why we have kept our prices very nominal so that it can fit in like a glove in even a small budget. So, if you want to go for Business Process Automation in your business without any hassle and without burning a hole in your pocket, then you should choose VisualCron’s BPA tool and get expected results.  


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