Cloud Trends To Watch Out For

What is Cloud Computing?

It's 2019, and Cloud computing was coined back in 1996, so we expect you to know the gist of it.

Cloud computing is the technology which helps storage and processing of data, which is hosted by the third part and remains on the global network to resolves the issue of limitless storage space, without the need of hard drive. It is a cost-effective manner of facilitating accessibility, flexibility and strengthening security, which was not possible in the traditional large servers and data storage devices. With data available on demand on the global network, no longer will the operator has to worry about the updates and the service delivery timing.

Cloud computing is being adopted at an exponentially higher rate, and with the passing time, the technology is evolving rapidly, which means new trends are picking up the pace. Today we are going to discuss a few such significant cloud computing trends that you should consider implementing:

Use Of Hybrid Cloud

There is an increasing demand among the businesses to find a middle ground if they do not want to move their data and application entirely to a private or be hosted on the public network. This is where the hybrid network would be of use. Under hybrid cloud solutions, businesses can benefit from the security and customization of the private cloud wherein the critical applications can be stored while the rest of the data can be migrated to the public cloud. This will ensure security as well as cost reduction.

Attention To Cloud Security

Never has security not been a concern for the cloud solutions, it has been prevalent since the inception and the alarming data breaches every year are only adding to the vulnerability. The lack of access, control, and risk management in the organizations is further increasing the security fear. Although the General Data Protection Regulation has proven substantial in enforcing compliance on the organizations, cloud security is still a severe problem. What organizations can do is ensure that the security is incorporated and implemented right from the initial stages and simultaneously moves alongside development.

Cloud Cost Management

Another more pressing issue for organizations other than security is the cloud cost management. Organizations have a tough time trying to come up with a competent cloud management strategy that ensures productivity without financially straining them. If not thought of, carefully, your organization might be at the risk of surpassing the cloud budget in the hope of adapting and executing new emerging cloud technologies. A cloud management software or the cost optimization tool can help you keep tabs on the allocation and utilization of the resources.

Serverless cloud-based applications

Developers are looking for a solution to build and run an application that does not take time, involves less overhead, and requires minimal infrastructure management, which is what serverless applications are promising. Unlike the traditional way, wherein the organizations are charged for the pre-purchased unit, and they had to rent or buy servers, in the serverless cloud-based application they will be charged for the amount of resources they have consumed.rdr

Having discussed the fundamental trends, let us talk about the one that has become the need of the hour for cloud computing:

Used by business, big or small, cloud computing came to a point where the need for efficiently managing cloud migration became an urgency. This lack of IT development system led to the introduction of automation in cloud computing as well, just like how every other industry is fervently adopting and leveraging from it. Gaps like these and the ever-evolving complexity of the cloud computing orchestration has increased the demand for cloud automation today.

What is cloud automation?

Automation is a technology's gift to humankind to lessen their burden on repetitive tasks and enhance their efficiency and skills for better contributing to the development of the organization.

Cloud automation is what makes cloud computing, storage easy yet efficient. You can read more on it on our blog dedicated to the significance of cloud automation in the business sector.

But did it ever occur to you that why would computing, which is basically what the world wanted, considering the data flooding and the exchange of information every microsecond, needs to be automated? Because with cloud automation:

  • Real-time collaboration on a globals scale has become significantly easy and effective;
  • There is no need for a dedicated infrastructure, which drastically reduces the expense;
  • There is no possibility of human error; automation has increased accuracy, speed, and process efficiency.
  • Made integration, management, and deployment in the complex IT environment, quick and easy.
  • Frees unused resources and ensure optimum utilization of the critical ones, thereby eliminating the unnecessary processes and streamlining the business operations.

Why trust VisualCron's cloud automation?

  • The growing need for unrestricted storage space and escalation in the scalability of the infrastructure, demands several cloud services for file storage.
  • By incorporating VisualCron's cloud automation tool, you get support across various platforms and services, such as Dropbox, one drive, google drive, azure, amazon s3, Box.
  • It entirely automates the file transfer from delete, list, create features syncing upload and download of the files. VisualCron's' cloud file explorer helps in filtering out files to the specifications. With the connection explorer, any existing connection on the cloud services can be used to navigate through the files and folders. From the start, stop creating, listing, and deleting screenshots.
  • VisualCron's cloud automation software efficiently manages various instance on two platforms; Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. Its cloud file trigger helps in monitoring cloud files stored at different networks, depending on the settings.

You can trust VisualCron's wide range of automation, integration, and task scheduling tool to simplify your business processing in a tailored and cost-effective manner. Our customer-driven development approach, easy to use interface and efficient flow and error handling will ensure that your workflow is adequately streamlined and you no longer have to worry about the declining productivity and efficiency because of old and redundant software.

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