Secure File Transfer Protocol is one of the best ways to copy and transfer files between computers over a network. Most of the people prefer SFTP because it offers them a secure and safe medium of file transfer. But, if you receive tons of SFTP files on a daily basis then manually retrieving, unencrypting and processing these documents can become a bugbear.  The manual process of dealing with SFTP files is not only time consuming but it also increases the chances of errors thus making your file vulnerable to security threats. If you are facing similar kinds of issues then going for SFTP automation is the best idea.

What is SFTP automation?

The Secured File Transfer Protocol was developed as a safe way to use File Transfer Protocol.  SFTP uses SSH for creating a secure connection where the FTP file can be run to copy a file over the Secure Socket Shell connection. The SSH is used to secure various types of connection over the internet. If you want to transfer files through SFTP then you will need both SFTP client and server.

The software of SFTP client allows users to logon to a remote SFTP server and then receive or send files.  But SFTP automation helps computer to operate without any human intervention. If there is an automated SFTP process then it can be setup to send, receive, encrypt and process files as per requirement.  

All this can happen without the need of any action from the operator’s side. The automated SFTP process becomes very helpful when files keep coming at any time and also when the amount of files received and sent per day is very huge.  So in layman’s language, SFTP allows businesses to streamline the exchange of data over a network connection.

What entails SFTP automation?

If you are looking forward to go for SFTP automation then the best way to do it is to find and implement a file transfer automation solution.  There are various SFTP automation solutions available on the internet but you should choose the best one after analyzing its various features. If you will have a single, centralized product then you will have the chance of automating your SFTP in the best possible way and you will also be able to secure FTP connectivity.  There are various parameters on which you can analyze an SFTP automation solution but the most important ones are workflows tasks, built-in scheduler and file monitoring.

Business Benefits

Following are some of the common benefits of SFTP automation

Scheduling- The Built-in scheduling of SFTP automation system allows executing task for future dates and times. For example, you can easily schedule workflows as ‘one time’ or you can simply you can just set them up to run at different times like ‘every hour’, ‘every day’ or ‘every week’ or you can just choose the time interval according to your preference. This allows minimal human intervention and better efficiency.

File monitoring- Through SFTP automation, you will be able to track the company’s file with better accuracy. For example, through automated system, you can easily monitor all the files created, modified or deleted within a given time frame over the network. So, through SFTP automation, your file tracking will improve and you will be able to minimize manual workload as well.

Triggers- SFTP automation also allows you to set triggers for monitored events like file uploads or downloads by specific partners. When the file is uploaded, you may want it archived to a folder or process it by running a small script. If you will set a trigger then you can set a motion of sequence of actions prompted by an event. Through trigger, you will be able to wipe out the manual process of completing the routine follow-up task.

Better focus- All the firms need competitive advantage in order to gain operational efficiency and that can’t be done if you don’t allow your staff to focus on strategic jobs. Through automation, you will be able to free your staff from time-consuming and complex process of business that is out of their league and they will be able to use this free time to focus on jobs with higher value.

How will VisualCron’s SFTP Automation help your business?

VisualCron’s SFTP automation allows you to automate SFTP in the most seamless way possible. With the help of VisualCron’s, you can store all encrypted details in an object which is known as Connection.  You should know that there are global objects that can be used across Tasks and Triggers. This means that you don’t need to enter server details directly into Tasks or Triggers. Any change made on the Connection will be updated everywhere else on the network and you will never have to manually repeat the changes everywhere.

In addition to this, you will also get access to a popular feature which is known as file filter in the user interface.  Through the file filter, you can easily filter local or remote files for upload and downloads. Along with the ability to filter in a very detailed way, the file filter feature can also test the filter before the actual transfer of the file.  Along with the download scheduling, you can also use the remote file trigger to monitor any deleted or modified SFTP file.

Manual processing of SFTP file can be a troublesome task for any business as it is very time-consuming, repetitive and complex. In the modern era, automation is the key to increased effectiveness and the same approach should be used while dealing with SFTP files.  With SFTP automation, you will not only increase the productivity of your business but also succeed in making file transfer and file processing a pie.

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