VisualCron 6.1.3 released

VisualCron 6.1.3 was released today. It contains the following changes:


[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Remote File Trigger for FTP/SFTP
[FEATURE] Server: Optionally added way to not override HTTP maximum connections
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added NTLM authentication for WebDAV
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed some error handling in Remote Execute Task
[BUGFIX] API: Fixed a reference problem with Settings object. Affected Server->folder settings
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed an issue in Trigger where they were not removed correctly after RunOnce option on Job
[BUGFIX] API: Fixed issue with displaying name in Modified/Created when AD user had no firstname/lastname specified from the beginning. If so, we show username instead.
[BUGFIX] API: Fixed a permission issue when activating many Tasks
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue when trying to open output from Job log->Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue 'disappearing namespace issue' in XML Read Node Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed an issue when Jobs listing in VisualCron Trigger could not be refreshed
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed various issues with SSIS Task including support for Trusted connections
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixes issues with performance and sorting when changing sort in Jobs->Tasks
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixes issue with parameters types in SSIS Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue with switched DB logging parameters
[BUGFIX] Server: Add error handling for unhandled exceptions in SQL Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Handled an error when no Task was selected in Job/Task control Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed Job Test button issue that could cause reference problems in Client (foreign key errors)

What is interesting in this release is the Remote file trigger. This Trigger allows you to monitor a remote FTP or SFTP folder for new, changed and deleted files. With the help of Variables you can, after the Trigger has fired, use the full path to the file or the name in order to process the files with your Tasks.

We continue our development and we are now working on Sharepoint Tasks along with the Popup Task.

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