Simplify The Communication Process Of Your Business With BPA Software

Is your inbox filled with emails requesting your approval? If you use paperwork to track business process, then you would face an uphill task managing your workflow. Keeping the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs like you, VisualCron has created a Business Process Automation Software(BPA) to address these issues. Here are some ways in which it will help you to simplify the management of your workflow:-

Organize communication process in your business process

Our tool will help you create an automated workflow which will streamline the entire communication process with one dashboard. All your requests will be visible here. Each workflow will have its course of communication to account for irregularities in the business process. There will be no need for email addresses, and work will flow in an orderly manner.

Employee accountability will increase

Once your workflow gets automated, you will have to create an owner for each step in your business process. All the initiations, approvals, inputs and rejections will be addressed b a person who performed the action. By allowing a greater amount of information transparency, you will be able to raise the accountability of your colleagues. Our software will give you a clear idea who can get work done within a short span of time, and who can handle the workload.

Creation of a clear approval hierarchy

The approval hierarchy and company hierarchy are never the same. Efficient use of our BPA software will codify the approval hierarchy and ensure that each process has its own particular hierarchy. You won’t have to get involved in each step or hold pre-meetings before a project is approved.

Help in creating a clear idea about a business process’s development and repercussions

Once your business process gets automated, and your employee base organize to use it, things may go smoothly for a few months. But what would you do with the data you have collected? You will know the number of requests you received, the total number that were rejected and approved and time each one took.

As data collection is centralized in our software, you will get a clear idea whether your business process is facing any bottlenecks or not. So, you will know whether it’s making work simpler or complicated for your employees.

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