Five Windows Task that You Can Automate to Make Life Convenient

Task automation in Windows has become a necessary step. In the modern age where multiple daily life tasks bind us, handling computer tasks are quite difficult due to lack of time. Task automation lets you create a predefined algorithm that automatically performs the relevant tasks at the scheduled time. All you need to do is to enter the task in a task automation software or windows task automation and relax after that. For a regular Windows user, there are five common set of relevant task that needs automation. Let's explore them.

1. Hard Drive Cleaning

Uninstalled software files, Internet cookies, downloaded program files, dump data and temporary files take a lot of space on the hard drive and slows down the computer. Disc clean up is an important Windows tool that takes care of this process. Windows scheduled task wizard provided the option to include disc clean up automation. Other options are cleaning software like Ccleaner. It removes the history, cache and temporary files from the PC and makes it more fast and efficient in performance.

2. Regular disc backup

We cannot rely on the machines all the time as they may fail. It is quite possible that your hard drive stops working when you expect it the least. The hard drive consists of your personal and official data that can never be compromised. Windows provide a back and restore utility wherein it regularly takes backup at the specified time. Other than that, you can opt for some cloud back services, or  you can even manually back up your data on the external hard drive.

3. Automatic Disk Check

There is a Windows utility called, "chkdsk.exe" that fixes the bugs and errors in the programs. It should be automated, or a manual disk checking is at least recommended. Task automation software is very helpful in taking care of it.

4. Windows Update and Notifications

Windows update keeps your computer secure from potential harms and online thefts. It is not the only protection that you need for a computer. However, it is one of the relevant security steps. The Microsoft has recommended keeping your system updated.

5. Antivirus and Antimalware update and regular scans

Antivirus is a recommended software that keeps the computer safe from viruses, malware, and adware. A regular update and scanning are a mandatory step. Most of the antivirus provides an automation option built in. In case, you do not find it, task automation software is an option.

A task automation software is of great use to keep the systematic track of tasks. You do not need to visit each software's setting manually to configure it. It is based on preset algorithms and formulas, and the user only requires to enter the task without technical knowledge. While task automation is already used in companies for better productivity, it can also be used for personal use.

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