Top 5 Windows Jobs That Can Be Scheduled

Windows job scheduling is not a new concept in the automation. Any organization that runs efficiently and is carrying out the business requirements smoothly is well aware of the power of the automation. Windows job scheduling means automating the set of tasks that are performed in windows operating system in a way that it does not require any human intervention or input all the time. Windows run on the collaboration of various programs that executes tons of tasks and processes. All these processes are relevant for proper program functioning and performance. Any process that is facing the handling or execution issues can be easily controlled by the automated windows job scheduling. Let's discuss five common windows based jobs that can scheduled using such schedulers.

1. File and Program Execution

We are aware of the fact that files and programs constitute the whole structure of windows operating system. In our routine, we run various programs that do not run in foreground but supports the operating system by running in the background. Such processes can be considered as the backbone of the operating system handling. These include antivirus scanning, file checking, file backups, etc. Windows job schedulers like Visualcron is capable enough to keep these processes working even when you do not remember to execute them manually.

2. Messaging and Emailing

Yes! In any business emailing and messaging is an important task that needs to be performed instantly and within the turnaround time. The customer's response very much rely on the replies they receive. Hence the windows job schedulers can easily automate the replies. You can easily set the preset replies for messaging and emailing and as soon as the inbox receives a message, an automated reply gets sent to the person as an intimation.

3. File Functions

File functioning such as copying, pasting, renaming, deleting, etc holds a huge importance and are required to maintain the hierarchy in the computer system. Files then can easily be navigated and explored using the search function and does not get lost in the huge file and folder clusters. Automation using the windows job scheduler can simply perform a regular check on them and notifies you of the unsorted file and folders.

4. Performance Services

These include start, stop and restarting which forms the base or core of any windows operating system. With this, you can easily save a lot of power consumption, keep your computers cool and execute the files whenever you wish to. The automation feature in windows based scheduler software like VisualCron performs brilliantly well and coincides well with the windows based integrated programs.

5. Office Tasks Handling

Microsoft office tools like excel, powerpoint, access, word etc are meant to keep the track of data for personal as well as professional use. You can easily target each office task by defining a trigger and executing it.

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