Improve Security And Ask Management Using Automated FTP/ SFTP Transfer

A well organized automation software is something that can fulfill the enterprise's need for file transfers. File transfers may be regarded as an occasional task generally but in real time, it is not true. In any enterprise, the need for file transfer has risen with the advancement in technology. The backup and creating copies of data is not an option anymore but a requirement. The enterprise cannot rely on the single source of information and this would be a risk. Regular file transfer in an automated fashion keeps the resource team away from the hassles of manually handling the data based job. With the use of automation software, they can easily sit back and engage themselves in the task that cannot be performed without manual intervention.

File transfers in an enterprise is either done locally or over the dedicated servers. Control of data and manipulating it accordingly requires a technical assistance and an automation tool that can pretty much take the responsibility of regularly taking the file transfers. The most common file transfer protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP are supported by the VisualCron.

In the recent years, the concern that has emerged to the top is the security. Security during the file transfer can bother various businesses as sensitive data travels through it. FTP has the SSL or TLS data securing capability while SFTP uses SSH. The best thing is, with VisualCron you get automate the server processes using these file transfer protocols and thus ensures the security and safety of your sensitive data.

VisualCron is capable of storing these information through an object called connection. These objects can be used during the creation of tasks and triggers for various processes. This keeps you away from entering the server details during each task that you create using Visualcron automation software. The one time connection's password update would keep it available for all the preassigned and upcoming remote server based tasks.

Not just file transfers but the upload and download can be done using the file filter options that lets you filter out the local and remote files that are to be downloaded or uploaded. You also get additional filter options like file masks, folders, data and size based filter. Remote file trigger can be used to monitor the file transfer over the remote servers. You can even download files and folder over it and monitor the activity related to it.

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