Why Your Business Needs An Enterprise Scheduling Software?

When a business is in its early years, every employee takes up responsibilities of multiple roles, resources are scarce, and the tools used are often temporary and entry-level. The same goes for the kind of software a company uses. For an example, the company may be working out of spreadsheets rather than a dedicated ERP solution.

Enterprise level applications scale better to accommodate a growing business’ needs, and enhance employee productivity and bring about process efficiency. Similarly, if your business has been employing a consumer level task scheduler like the Windows task scheduler, here are the reasons, why you should be switching to an Enterprise Scheduling Software like VisualCron.

Achieving Automation

The most significant benefit of an enterprise scheduling application like VisualCron is that it has the power to automate whole IT processes. Automation brings obvious benefits to the table like reducing the number of man-hours wasted on repetitive tasks. Among the factors that make corporations pledge for automation are the cost reductions.

Going beyond time-based schedules

The basic Task Schedulers that come free or bundled with operating systems allow only time based scheduling of tasks, or a limited number of preset event based schedules. VisualCron, on the other hand, has more than 17 event triggers, in addition to custom time and interval based triggers, that cover almost every kind of event that a server system may encounter.

Operating on more than one server

Every modern business employs more than one server. These are often divided by their access privileges, the kind of data they store, or whether they serve the front-end client side or handle the internal data. VisualCron can operate so that it monitors events in one server and execute the job in another.

Negating the scope of human error

When humans are responsible for running processes, errors and delays are inescapable every now and then. An enterprise level scheduler makes no mistakes in monitoring system for triggers. It ensures building of a system that is interruption-proof and downtime-resistant. Ultimately, your business is based around a server system with greater reliability.

Abstracting Schedules

Probably the biggest benefit of VisualCron is that it allows for designing of a complex high-order schedule of tasks. In such a system, triggers are based on completion of other tasks, which are in turn triggered by other events. This ensures that there isn’t a process, however complicated, that can’t be automated.

Now the differences must be clear, why VisualCron as an Enterprise-level Scheduler can work to make it easier for your company to grow, and do what it’s best at, leaving the job of performing the crucial but mundane tasks to a machine.

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