Things About Crystal Report Scheduler You Should Know Of

If you are a programmer, you must have heard of one of the most popular reports generation program, i.e. Crystal Reports. Programmers from all over the world use this Window-based reports writer due to the ease of creating reports with it from multiple data source and minimum coding. Within one report, by utilizing Open Database Connectivity, it can access data from most widely used databases and integrate data from multiple databases.

But the dynamics of crystal reports can be further enhanced by automating it. This can be ensured by making use of Crystal Reports Scheduler Software. Crystal Report scheduler is a third party tool which is created specifically for scheduling and serving Crystal Reports, automatically and on-demand. These tools by VisualCron can be easily implemented without the administrator having to spend copious time and money in its implementation.  Crystal report scheduler by Visualcron will provide easy generation of automated reports that can be easily distributed to a person or group.

Crystal report scheduler facilitates:

  • Grouping, subtotal, totals;
  • Creation of formulae to perform calculations;
  • Production of subreport, which can be embedded in the subreports;
  • Export into different format such as PDF, HTML, etc.

Regardless of your business size, be it small or large, crystal report scheduler from VisualCron benefits all, with its following features:


As mentioned before Crystal Report Scheduler enables automating running and sending out of reports, in varied formats such as Excel, Word through several methods such as fax, prints, email, etc.


Crystal report scheduler bu VisualCron facilitates distribution and exports of reports at a specific date and time, only by integrating real-time monitoring in the process of report distribution.


One of the essential features of Crystal Reports scheduler is that it facilitates ease of use. All you have to do is schedule a report, including the number of times and gap in between repetitive running. Then you will have to select the format in which want the file to be exported or distributed. After that, you have to enter the sender's name and share all these reports data with them. The reports will be generated in the specified format and timely send out to the individuals or group you had assigned to.


No one will deny when I say, a repetitive task not only wastes time but in doing so plenty of money and other crucial resources are drained, which could have been utilized to achieve the objective of the business better. Crystal report scheduler by VisualCron will add value to your business, resulting in quick, easy and automatic generation of reports, thereby saving time and vital resources.

With VisualCron Task reporting, you can rest assured that all your reports be it billing, job performance, etc is timely and accurately reported without any inconsistency. Visual Cron task scheduling software is made with customers ease in mind, which is why it provides more than 100 task from different technology which doesn't require any programming proficiency. With Visualcron you will get the quick and easy handling of tasks at an affordable price.

VisualCron is your one-stop solution for all the automation integration and task scheduling needs.

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