Task Scheduling - Are Inbuilt Scheduled Tasks Enough For Your Business?

No matter what industry your business functions in, technological solutions have made operations or, even the simplest of tasks, simpler and easier. Actually, technology has completely changed the functioning of our business over the past two decades. Be it a simple automation registering the attendance of your employees or something as big as generating invoices for your customers, automation processes have made their way in the mainstream of enterprises. Job Scheduling is one of the most commonly-used automation processes.


Job Scheduling, quite literally, is the process of scheduling job/s (a task) for execution based on its priority. For example, if you have two jobs - read an electronic document and print it in a particular format. You can use job schedulers to execute both of these tasks respectively, without any room for delays or errors. As such, Job Schedulers can be a big asset for your business and, as far as this aspect is concerned, a question that keeps popping up is - is Windows Task Scheduler (Scheduled Tasks) enough for the Task Scheduling needs of your business? Instead, you can use high-level Job Scheduler Software for Task Scheduling of your business.


Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler was originally launched as a System Agent for Windows 95 and continued to be an integral part of every version of Windows after that. Windows Task Scheduler allows users to automate the execution of various tasks in Windows and it can not be denied that Windows Task Scheduler is a good job scheduling tool for small profile simple tasks. But if you talk about using these scheduled tasks or Windows Task Scheduler for your business, would it fulfill its purpose - improving efficiency and decreasing error costs?

Windows Task Scheduler is not enough or efficient tool for the task scheduling needs of your business. There are multiple reasons that can be used to explain this. Here is a list of reasons why Scheduled Tasks are not enough for your business needs.


  • Chances Of Errors

Even the smallest of error can prove to be a big threat for your business. Window Task Scheduler can be programmed to do simple tasks such as sending automated emails. The issue is that your operating system has too many things on its plate and this along with a few security concerns, make Windows Task Scheduler not efficient enough for your business systems.


  • Cross-Platform Scheduling Is Not Possible

Today’s businesses require task scheduling solution that allows cross-platform scheduling and Windows Task Scheduler doesn’t support this. For instance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) require working with different operating systems. Your business all-in-one task scheduling tool.


  • Lack Of Essential Features

Windows Task Scheduler lack the essential features necessary for your business unlike some popular Job Scheduler Software like VisualCron. VisualCron gives you the parental control over the execution of scheduled tasks and allows you to monitor and control each step of Job Scheduling.

There are many such drawbacks that are enough to say that you need an all-in-one, efficient, less error-prone, and secure Job Scheduler Software for the Job Scheduling needs of your business.

VisualCron is an automation, integration, and centralized task scheduling tool for Windows that can help your business with its high functionality and cross-platform scheduling feature. Download your 45-day free trial version of the Job Scheduler Software today itself and enjoy its full-scale functionalities for your business!

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