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A couple of weeks ago we released version 7 of VisualCron. This new major version addresses a lot of feature requests we have received from you. In this email we want to talk about what is new and how to prepare for upgrade.

What's new?

Task Notifications
Now, all kinds of Tasks can be used for Notifications. This also adds more features like enhanced security options in Email Notification.

A new way of controlling the flow between Tasks and determine what is the next step based on result and output - without involving the global Conditions.

Custom exit code handling
You can now define exactly which exit code should result in either success or failure and then let one or more Tasks use this exit code collection.

New Tasks
Besides feature updates in existing Tasks, the following new Tasks are added:
- SysLog Task
- 30 VMWare Tasks
- Get checksum Task
- Set file attributes Task
- Set folder attributes Task
- Change owner Task

More Variables
We have added a lot of Variables to make string manipulation easier.

Bug fixes
As usual, we have solved a few bugs present in earlier versions.

Change log
The full change log can be found here.

Update instructions

We recommend watching the video tutorials, especially those concerning "Flow" and "Task Notifications". You can find the video tutorials here.

Specific instructions for upgrading from version 6.x to 7. can be found here.

As usual we recommend a backup of settings (to another location than the default) before upgrading.

License and upgrades

If you already have a VisualCron license, the ability to upgrade depends on if you have an ongoing maintenance contract. The maintenance contract is $99 per server or $599 for a Site license. If you logon here you will see if your license has an ongoing license and when it will expire. If you have any questions - please contact sales.


Download the latest version here.

Future development

We have a clear road map but we also listen carefully to all feedback from you in our Feature requests forum. Please make requests there.

Right now we are planning on extending our API and provide simple clients for mobile devices. We would like to have your feedback about this here.

Get closer

If you have not joined us on facebook then please do that now by "Liking" us here. You will get updates and information from us instantly when available. You can also follow us on twitter.

VisualCron has existed since 2004 and evolved during the years. We have seen other automation tools come and go. We keep developing VisualCron to provide the best experience for you.

About VisualCron

VisualCron is a software automation and task-scheduling tool for Microsoft Windows, first released in 2004. While other Windows automation tools have come and gone, VisualCron has continually improved to provide the best possible experience for you.


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