Important Features that a High Quality WMS Needs to Have

The use of Workflow Management Software(WMS) in businesses has become a common practice these days. However, entrepreneurs often make the mistake of choosing the wrong tool to improve their productivity. You need to check some features for the Workflow Management Tool you are acquiring to serve your business needs. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Tool should be cloud based

There is no point in using a Workflow Management software if it isn’t cloud based. As the daily tasks of executives are no longer confined to their desks, access to a cloud based WMS can help them to work from any part of the world. Moreover, you won’t have to make big investments in hardware as well as software. This cloud based tool will save a lot of your work hours and money.

Email Notifications

Emails won’t be overlooked since they are a vital part of the communication process. Email notifications for work that has been recently assigned and SLA violations have a major role in ensuring the smooth execution of workflow. A business workflow management system(WMS)created around the email communication of your business offers a smooth correspondence within the workflow.

Patterns of workflow

Workflows can involve sequential, parallel or multi-tier processes or a combination of them. A strong workflow system won’t impose limitations on your process flow. Rather it will offer you with the flexibility to create these processes.

Presentation of Reports

One factor behind the use of this workflow automation software is to keep a track of how things are being handled. To assist this analysis, you need reports that indicate all details of these things. This reports will help you to take vital decisions while assimilating process as well as participant positions. A KPI dashboard will present a perfect picture mentioning the quality of work of each process and participant.

Modeling forms and graphical presentation

This is the most basic feature that a WMS software needs to have. An average WMS will enable you to model business forms. It will also enable you to show the flow of processes through your company in a visual style. Modeling forms need to be simple and intuitive for anyone within your company to roll out a process within a few hours. Simplicity is the hallmark of any WMS of high quality.
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