4 Major Features That Make Wms An Indispensable Tool

VisualCron’s Workflow Management Software is a tool that has been developed to create a well coordinated work atmosphere by ensuring efficient data, task as well as document management. Our main aim is to reduce your dependency on non technical users and organize workflows within a completely automatic user interface. We offer users configurable rights of access for controlling Data Management, Security & Administration. If you need a for a third party integration, you can make use of our ultramodern adapters like Outlook, Sharepoint and Active Directory. Some of the unique characteristics of our software are mentioned below:-

Quick and uncomplicated setup

Our WMS software will utilize the drag and drop Workflow Editor and Excel pattern business rules and forms. This will ensure a smooth setup within a short time span. Its Microsoft Outlook type graphical interface will help you to make a hassle free adoption. It is integrated with SharePoint Embedded Data, Document Management, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Dynamics.

Simplified HR tasks

VisualCron’s WMS software will help your HR team to handle entire reporting and analytics for workflow management in an effective manner. We have added cloud deployment and on-premise options to the software. So, you can have access from any mobile or browser.

Easy conversion of data from one format to another

Our tool will assist you to convert data from one format to another. This will be possible in areas where the services you are using are not fully compatible. It will enable swift incorporation of latest services without the use of coding. So, you will gain access to local and remote services and analysis tools.

No tech expertise necessary for installation

There is no rocket science related to the installation and maintenance of WMS software. You can do it on your own. Moreover, there is no necessity to bring business operations to a halt. You can handle it by making job workflow changes. Complete assistance of web forms and complicated data related to workflow will help you to define data flow between various services you offer. As a result, data automation in a simple, timely manner will be possible.

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