Do Away With Error Prone Automation Scripts Using Windows Automation Tool

Businesses often face a big challenge handling time consuming, complex automation scripts. VisualCron’s Windows Automation software offers a user friendly alternative using which you can automate any Windows application, even if you use custom controls or dynamic user interfaces. There is no need for programming required for Windows automation. Moreover, all automation actions are GUI based.

Our ultra modern Windows Controls technology provides hassle free task runs and will ensure automatic adjustments to changes in the environment such changes in application. VisualCron’s software also ensures job scheduling and agentless remote deployment. As a result, you can automate Windows tasks across different machines in the network.

Our custom made Windows application can automate any task, from the most challenging to the most simple. Therefore, it can automate any task, be it a legacy application or any web task. It comes with predefined automation templates, latest task recorder, point & click options. Moreover, its sample tasks will make automation smooth and simple.

Our ultra modern automation technology ensures quicker automation with better security. It eliminates the necessity for writing infrastructure code, coding to check windows size and position, a code to wait for applications that are loading, etc. Our Windows automation software will help you concentrate on core business tasks and automate much faster as compared to other automatic software. It will set new benchmarks in security with features like strong industry encryption, password protection, etc.

The tool will allow you to automate left, middle as well as right mouse clicks. You can also use it to automate single as well as double mouse clicks with ease. It will also support automation of mouse scroll up and down. You will also be able to repeat any action without repeating the whole script. The latter can also be repeated multiple times also.

Our software will also enable to create a desktop shortcut for executing the script containing mouse, keyboard, and other Windows Automation tasks. You may also consider using it to send keystrokes to any application window. Full support for automation of text typing in Active Application Window will also be possible. So, you will be able to use special characters and special keys(E.g., Tab, Enter, Ctrl+V, Ctrl +Shift+Window, Enter, and F2). Therefore, to enhance productivity, and do away with repetitive tasks use our Windows Automation software.

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