3 Ways Database Task Scheduler can Make your Life Easy

The need for communication in the work environment gave the rise to a modern day innovation called task scheduling. In the earlier days, businesses were relying a lot on the manual data management and task scheduling. Human tend to make mistakes and thus the graph of accuracy kept varying each time. Also, when the tasks increases in number, the cost of employee hiring goes up. With the invention of task scheduler, the custom tasks, emergent tasks, auto task handling, assignment of tasks, and data tracking issues have been eliminated to desirable extent. Any business process consists of multiple tasks and a business runs multiple processes. If not all, then most of the tasks like file execution, remote process killing, FTP management, login and logouts, Emailing and messaging, log generation and file listing can be easily performed automatically using a task scheduler. Here are some ways how a database task scheduling can make your life more easier.


  1. Form Scheduling

Organizations and businesses have been using the form scheduling since decades. Since the time the task schedulers came into existence, its has been used for wide variety of tasks like form scheduling. You must have seen the automatic forms been sent after any service you opt or use. These automatic email forms and many such form based scheduling were made possible due to task scheduler software. All one needs to do is to set the trigger of a predefined task like form link and the appropriate time and details. The user receives these forms on their email and messages through the link. As soon as the link is clicked by the user, the form can be filled.

Report Schedules

Report generation is the most basic task that every business or organization wants to do on regular intervals of time. The reports consist of employee database, revenue calculation, salary distributions and many such tasks. It can even be a small scale report database that are used by the small and mid level enterprises. Be it any kind of report generation, the task may just require the starting and stopping the report generation. These tasks can be easily scheduled using the task scheduler software and even without the intervention of manual input, the reports can be generated and shared with the management. 

Custom Scheduling

Since the tasks fall in various categories that are hard to list, some custom tasks like starting and stopping a particular service or application, system shutdowns and restarts, creating restore points, creating task logs and lists, etc. can easily be performed.

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