3 Benefits of Virtual Server Automation

If you haven’t heard about the term automation, let me give brief synopsis of it.  Automation is a process through which the wide variety of tasks and processes can be easily executed at the user defined time and conditions. When the tasks grow larger in number, the need for automation arises. It takes away the effort of individually managing each and every process when the software can easily do it and save time and cost. While local automation is just limited to your set up servers, the cloud automation sounds very intimidating. In the age of digital technology, cloud automation and its requirement has become a necessity. Businesses have evolved over the last few decades and believe in retaining the data over local as well as cloud servers. The benefit is that the automation can also include the cloud tasks and processes smoothly and efficiently.

1.Increasing uptime

In the modern day premium website hosting, the separate servers can be easily bought and your hosting service provider ensures the regular file management and backup. With cloud automation, FTP can easily be managed and regular website backup is taken. The cloud automation thus helps retaining the copies of the user’s data and contributes to the faster page processing. The migration option that includes taking all the website content from hosting provider to another can only be made possible by cloud automation. Now even when your website is running on one hosting provider’s platform, the same platform can be created on another hosting service.

2.Cloud Utilisation

Automation is a broad area of application and keeping it limited to the local servers is like not utilising its full potential. File and database storage can be consumed directly through cloud computing or indirectly by backing up the data on cloud servers. The cloud automation fulfills the need of limitless storage space, higher accessibility, lower latency and instant synchronization. Visualcron is compatible with Amazon S3, Azure, Google Drive, Onedrive, Box and Dropbox cloud applications.

3.Faster server provisioning

Every business needs a smooth running web platform which their users and consumers can handle without facing inconvenience. While files are accessed from the same source where they are hosted, the lag free performance is attained. The server actions behave way faster for file and data processing functions like starting and stopping instance, listing instance, creating volume, performing triggers based downloads, automatic uploading and downloading of files, deleting and creating folders, etc.  can be smoothly performed.

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