Cloud Automation: An Effective and Effortless Data Management

Automation has subsided various tools that were earlier used for file and data management. The local storage has been replaced by the cloud based automated storage. Before proceeding further, we should understand the difference between the two.

A local storage offers a great backup space but is something that you cannot be rely upon for long term data backup management. The digital information may get corrupted and hence, the cloud automation services has been taking care of various businesses by backing up their data and daily workflow by offering them tools to work online. Even when you work offline, you can synchronize the files and data with the cloud services by just turning on your internet connection.

Automation tool such as VisualCron is efficient enough to take care of your system based file executions and tasks management. All you need to set is the trigger for the task or a process and the rest would happen automatically. While VisualCron takes care of various tasks, it can also help you backup your files without your efforts so that you can sit back and concentrate on other relevant tasks.

An Overview

Businesses are demanding high amount of storage space, fast data synchronization, flexible and scalable productivity infrastructures and thus, the cloud services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, etc are providing an excellent service of creating files, folders with lots of sharing features inbuilt in them. VisualCron works efficiently with all these platforms and lets you synchronize things way better than before.

File Transferring

Cloud automation basically consists of two main features i.e downloading and uploading. The downloading feature lets you access the files and file clusters with the help of a shareable link and upload features retains the copy of your local data on the cloud so that you can access it remotely from any part of the world. In the event of accidental data loss of data on local servers, you can always relax and download the copy of uploaded data from cloud servers.

You can even rename, delete, create various files and folders and the tools that are inbuilt with these services to read them. VisualCron offers you a great platform to smoothly upload and download various files and folders by just defining a rule or task. This task would be executed within user defined time preferences.

Connection Explorer

It is a feature that is inbuilt in VisualCron and here you can explore all the existing connections for various cloud services. It is easy to sort and navigate through.

VisualCron's Cloud file trigger let you even manage and access the cloud based files and folders remotely. Any change like file or folder creation over the cloud or local storage automatically triggers the task in VisualCron and synchronization proceeds.

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