Effective Use of Triggers In Task Automation

Business have adopted a technology since years to simplify the processes in their work environment. Every other enterprise wants to carry on with the hierarchical structure so as to keep things organized and accessible at the same time. The task automation is the name of this technology. The term may sound new to many and common to most but its efficiency is something you cannot compromise with.

Visualcron offers the task automation features in a well organized manner and the users swear by its simplicity and effectiveness. We use triggers to make the process more simpler to our users. Now the first question that would come in your mind is, What are triggers? Let us answer that for you. Triggers are customized rules that coincides well with the software's algorithmic structure that enables you to predefine a set of tasks. These tasks does not require a manual setup each time but you can simply make it a one time process. Every time the processes or listed tasks would come up and work on their own as if you have executed them. This is the efficiency of the triggers in the task automation.

Task automation can nearly be applied to just any windows based programs and Visualcron sits best with the latest version of the windows operating system without causing any system conflicts and program errors. In the event when the program does face some kind of issue during execution, the error log is automatically created and let the user decide to take further action on it. This action can be in the form of re-executing the same program or finding the improvement areas in their programs.

Custom and Interval time triggers lets you fix a particular time for certain program activity even when it is much complex. The scheduling takes hardly seconds and takes away the pain of continuous hours. The triggers watches the processes and automatically creates an event that can be monitored locally or on remote servers.

File triggers simply monitors the file system and changes made in them. In case of any change, the entire folder can be retrieved later and parallel automation functions can be offered too.

Process triggers let you create specific rules for the different processes so that you need not to execute them each time. You can even define the service and registry triggers to monitor it efficiently.

Other triggers such as email triggering, remote file management, system shutdown and start, SQL triggers, performance counter, cloud file triggers and many more are bundled in a very compact software structure to provide you the industry standard automation tool for the business.

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