Batch and EXE Automation : An Important Area Of Work For Every Business

Businesses can be small to medium in size and even the large enterprises are seeking methods that can batch schedule their tasks and jobs for the daily business requirements. It is very important to understand that same can be done with the manual integration but in the today's age where every other business is in the competitive environment, the need of automation arises.

Batch job scheduling is nothing but to automate certain set of tasks or even the large number of processes together without including the human input in it. That means, you are sitting at your desk sipping your coffee while the batch scheduler is handling the pending assignments like program execution, data handling, running files, saving, deleting and plethora of other windows based tasks.

This was considered a dream when the idea was introduced. However, it's been years that the businesses have adapted to its functioning and never looked back to old times. VisualCron is one such software that enables you to schedule batch and exe files.

One might think that an automation software like VisualCron must be having some limited areas of work. It is not true. Since the scope of this post is kept around batch automation, we are particularly focussed on explaining those. You can check the numerous other features that VisualCron has to offer.

An average computer user might think that the batch and exe processes are quite few in number. However, the facts say something else. Usually any other program that is running on your computer is an exe. file execution only. You manually go and click the icon each time you wish to run that program. Now imagine a situation that you need to run a program at certain point of time but you have a business meeting. You just want your assistant to do it for you. But hey! What if VisualCron becomes your batch and exe. execution assistant. That sounds like a wonderful idea. Right!

Batch scheduling may involve languages from DOS to VBscript to even Java and .NET. VisualCron has a support for all these languages. Normally FTP file transfer that is highly important as a task can easily be scheduled on VisualCron. It is capable to run any form of windows based script. You can also remotely execute the task by just setting a prior command in it. Script Tasks like vbscript and jsscript can get an execution through cscript.exe in VisualCron.

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