How Can Your Businesses Benefit From Database Automation

Today’s business landscape has become more competitive and companies are utilizing their resources to stand out in their industry. Different forms of automation have helped businesses function effectively and boost their overall productivity.

The business world is moving towards “more machines and fewer humans” form. As such it becomes important to start integrating automation processes in the mainstream of your business. From minor task automation to major database automation processes, businesses have readily been using automation in an attempt to stay ahead of their competitors. Gartner predicts:

“By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will
be handled without a human.”

Businesses of every industry are moving towards this and automation has a major role to play in the process. The significance of data in modern business systems is not new and this is exactly where database automation becomes essential.

Need For Better Data Storage and Manipulation

Businesses thrive on data. Be it to boost their performance or to impress a client, stored data is of great value. People and businesses, nowadays, starve to get their hands on good chunks of valuable data - organized and easily fetchable.

Besides secure storage, you need better solutions to manage and fetch data when needed. Using SQL queries, you can retrieve the data you seek but what if you have to repeat the same query for fetching data - 24/7/365? As the storage of data becomes larger, it becomes more and more challenging to analyze and manage

Database automation comes as a solution to automate data storage, updating and fetching data by businesses. Among other aspects of database automation, scheduled SQL queries play a vital role in its overall execution. Before beginning with the advantages of using database automation for your business, let’s have a look at what are Scheduled SQL queries?

What are Scheduled SQL Queries?

In a way to look beside database automation, SQL Server Agent allows you to create a virtual team of database administrators (DBAs) that help to execute round-the-clock timing in your business. Scheduled SQL Queries are commands which are programmed for execution at a definite time interval using a scheduler. This sounds quite technical but it doesn’t mean that you have to hire someone with technical knowledge to implement database automation in your business.

VisualCron is an automation, task-scheduling, and integration tool for Windows. It helps you to schedule the execution of SQL queries by converting your text queries in the required format. Besides, there are many stored procedures coded for all kinds of basic queries. You can also select one from the stored procedures to schedule SQL queries as well.

Top Benefits Of Database Automation

Database Automation has many practical applications, beneficial for businesses from various industries. Here are some common benefits of database/SQL automation.

  • Efficient Solution

Like the most common benefits and purpose of implementing any kind of automation, database automation offers you an efficient solution of creating scheduled SQL queries and more.

Database Automation helps your business to achieve round-the-clock timing which has become a very important factor in the current competitive business landscape. There are no chances of manual errors in the overall execution of queries. Not just this, Database Automation also helps you save a significant part of your labor fees and thus accounting for cost-efficiency as well.

  • Parallel Execution

When dealing with complex databases, there are times when you have to write complex queries to fetch a particular category of data. Parallel execution makes the execution of such queries easier, quicker, and comprehensive.

Parallel execution is the execution of small subqueries (or parts) of a complex SQL statement separately but at the same time. Parallel execution, as expected, increases the overall efficiency of the implemented queries to a great extent.

Database Automation allows the creation of miniature SQL statements and provides scheduling their execution accordingly,

  • Easy To Implement

The easy and efficient execution is not just limited to parallel execution. Database Automation is no rocket science and can easily be benefitted by businesses of all kinds.

As mentioned above, SQL Server Agents allow you to create independent Database Administrators and can be scheduled to work (round the clock) when you are away! Database Automation is very easy-to-implement and this is why it is becoming one of the most popular choices of businesses worldwide.

As such, the use of a task-scheduling and database automation tool VisualCron can help your business with its stored procedures, text-to-query, and such other features.

  • Improved Business Focus

No matter what automation you are planning for your business, the main attention of your team must remain on the services or products that you offer. This is where database automation plays a significant role.

Machines are more reliable than humans. Once scheduled, database automation will continue to work and fetch results, without any errors, until intervened. This allows the management of your business to focus more on the betterment of the services or products you offer.

Why VisualCron?

VisualCron is an automation, task-scheduling, and integration for Windows. With its years of experience, VisualCron has evolved as software and offers a long list of automation processes such as general automation, PowerShell automation, managed file transfers, and many more. It also has stored procedures to help you with the execution of SQL statements and scheduling SQL queries. Here are a few

  • Execute SSIS Package: This procedure helps you execute local SSIS Packages.
  • Sync Table(s) Pro: This task copies a table from one database to other databases.
  • SSRS (Pro): It helps you execute reports in SQL Server Reporting Service and return the result in different formats.

There are many such inbuilt tasks that enable you to start using database automation in your organization right away!

Automation is the future and you should use it for making your business operations more efficient than ever. Database Automation is used to handle large chunks of data and retrieve information when needed. VisualCron is an easy-to-use and effective software. Curious to know more?

Download your 45-day free trial of the software for your business here!

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