Things to know about general automation: Why You Need It

A long time has passed when businesses had started recognizing the need for a more sophisticated technology that can bring down the daily challenges of data handling in work environment. As computers and technologies have advanced, more applications and subsequent processes have become the part of our daily work routine. Consuming the services and application benefits is another story but managing them had become a task in itself. It certainly demanded extra efforts and manforce to regularly conduct the task management.

An idea called automation is thus accepted globally and was pushed to an extent that we can now enjoy the automation applications like VisualCron that is specifically created for windows platform. In simple words, the automation software like VisualCron takes care of the huge number of tasks and processes, no matter if they are running in foreground or background. While you consume a cup of coffee and work on some priority project, VisualCron can take care of those necessary file functions, uploads, downloads, system boots up and such functions quite efficiently.

Idea of Remote Management

Networking and Internet have definitely made our life easier but the threats associated with them like malware attacks demands a good security protection. With remote management, you can access the servers with the administrator privileges even when you are not there. The consistent monitoring and rectifying the issues simultaneously keeps your system well protected.


Automation works for you and generates logs and reports. These are very useful to summarize the network and task activities. In case, some task is successfully triggered but not completed, you can run it again. Triggers are particularly useful in executing a task and running a process on a preset conditions. Here, you can make the good use of time and technology to cut down the cost and increase the efficiency.

Automation Types

Automation is of various kinds. From tasks and processes that run in foreground and background to FTP, Batch and exe files, powershell integration for better and fast results, cloud and encryption functions, Database and robotic processes, nearly everything can be automated using VisualCron.

Real Time Automation

The information and its representation are two separate things and while VisualCron is equipped with resources to handle the automation functions efficiently, it represents the real time data and associated calculations very well so that the user can remain updated about the tasks progress and status.

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