Top 3 Reasons Task Scheduler Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

For efficient and smooth running of a business, a number of task needs to be handled on a regular basis. Human intervention consumes a lot of time and are prone to errors.To make it easy for the business world, the Task Scheduler was introduced, which have proved to be highly beneficial in this industry. 

But, you should be clear on the fact that task schedulers are slightly different from the batch schedulers. Understanding the difference is necessary.

This blog will discuss the reasons as to why Task Scheduler will change the way you think about work.

You can send an automated email

It becomes very difficult for busy employees to keep a note of everything, from managing and delivering work on time, plus answering to emails. But, you can make the replying to emails part easy by using a task scheduler, which can send automated emails. Task scheduling is not as simple job as batch scheduling. What you need to do is set up a Send Email on your desktop. Once, it’s ready you simply have to create the scheduled task for the email to automatically reply to the coming mails. For example, when we buy some items from an e commerce website, we automatically receive a ‘thank you’ mail. This is not sent by a person, but it is an automated email.

You can schedule monthly backups to the Cloud

Important files and data forms an important part of any business. You must have stored a lot of such essential data in your desktop or laptop or even a hard drive. But, what if something happens to your hardware or your system crashes? How will you retrieve it. To evade such a circumstance one stores the data on cloud. But, manually storing all the data will consume time and maybe subject to error. So, the best way is by using the task scheduler. You can schedule the task and set the time when you need the job to be done. The task scheduler will automatically take the backup of all data from your system and store it in the drive. So, you save a lot of time and utilize this time to do some other work.

You can download important files from a remote system

Imgine a situation, when you are not in your workplace and require to download a few important files. What to do in such a situation? Come all the way to your office and do the work? Obviously NO! This is when a task scheduler comes to the rescue. Windows task scheduler works best with VisualCron. VisualCron’s local and remote filter of the task scheduler lets the user select the file types that requires downloads at certain intervals. Even there is option of advanced filtering of folders by date, time and other options. Once the user gives the task command, the auto upload and download gets activated.

With these three amazing features of task scheduler you know how much beneficial it can be for a business. The task automation can be implied on any windows program. With VisualCron, it becomes easy to handle windows operating system without much hassle of program errors. Even if some error arises, an error log gets created, leaving the action to be taken by the user. To get your own task scheduler Order Today!

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