Batch And Exe Automation For Your Business Internet Needs

With the growth of various businesses within a global complex web, the demand for automation is increasing to make it easier to control tasks remotely. To make the daily tasks easier, various companies looks for automation services that can make their job much light. In such a case, Batch and Exe Automation with the value added features of VisualCron is the best solution for your enterprise's needs.

Batch files and executables have been used for a long time for performing custom operations on servers. It goes well with Java, NET, DOS.

Batch and Exe Automation

For managing a lot of things at one time, the best option is automation. Windows task scheduler is what will benefit you in the long run. The batch scheduler is not a  very complex thing to understand. It basically makes your life simple. Just put the inputs in it and it will automatically do the things that have been assigned to it.

In simple words, you can leave your windows and go away or do some other work and the batch scheduler will automatically perform your pending tasks like downloading  .exe files running and saving the files, program execution and all other window based tasks that you have assigned to it.

VisualCron offers a wide scope around batch automation. It offers features like Execute Task, Remote Execute Task and Execute Script Task.

The Execute task launches any script and returns the standard output, error and the exit code. With the remote execute task, you can perform the job of the Windows Task Scheduler by accessing it from a remote system.

The Execute Script Task is one of  kind in its own way. It runs on the vbscript and jscript execution, taking into account cscript.exe. If you execute your tasks in this way, it will help you to get hold of more control over the entire output and the result for all these kinds of scripts.

Benefits for your Business

Performing tasks single handedly for a business, within a given span of time is really hectic. For example- if a person takes care of all the business internet needs like file transfers, running processes, converting files and the like. Businesses require the output in real time and manual work takes too much time to be finished. Also, there is a risk of error, owing to the work pressure. With VisualCron, you can handle all these tasks with ease, by putting everything on automation.

Before coming to any conclusion, give our products a trial. Download a 45 day trial absolutely Free and leave everything to the automation service.

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