Understanding Web Macro Recorder Automation

If you are new to the concept of web macro recorder, let us provide some insights before discussing it further and connecting it with the automation. Web macro recorder works on interactive format or the behaviour of activity that happens over the web portal like webpage. Like bots and crawlers that search engine uses, the web macro recorder records the data activity like download and upload clicks and storing some particular area activity into useful information in its repository.

The web macro automation tools works on the principle of web scraping usually in HTML format and tracks your browsing behaviour in order to mimic it next time.  In simple words, your data integrations, click activity, scrolling behaviours and tracked using the tool and stored into digital signals. Even though, the web pages and other web platform does not directly supports the features, it certainly allows it to do so.  Though the tool can be only used by the user and is restricted to his usage domain.

The downsides of the Web Macro Automation is that it does not provide sufficient performance or an expected performance without collaborating it with an automation tool such as VisualCron. It becomes partly ineffective in the whole concept. The existing web macro automation tools are not effective enough to keep versatility but instead they are programmed on the older programming models. To make it practice well, you need to login to your system and should only focus on the activity behaviour without using other parallel programs.

Also, the data file handling is usually not supported in web macro automation. The dynamic behaviour such as downloading and uploading files is also weak. The two parallel web experience during its functioning also becomes difficult since the programmed needs to be rigid towards one particular web activity. In the event of program or windows pop up, the pop handling is not effective too. The uploading, downloading, client certificates, proxy and incognito modes lack support.

Now, as VisualCron stands as a powerful web automation tools that is effectively designed in compatibility with chrome's structure, it is way faster than many Automation tools available in the market. The password and sensitive information are stored encrypted and thus provides a better security of your data. It uses file filters that are effective in handling various web instances. It easily overrides the browser popups and handle various languages. It also supports flash and inbuilt chrome structure.

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