The Evolution Of Job And Task Scheduling Over The Years

When we talk about evolution of job and task scheduling, it is vital to understand the meaning of job or task scheduling at first. Do you remember the childhood days when your teacher used to come around your school desk and check your homework on daily basis. Such things still happens in our daily life where we or someone keeps a check on some task that is either initiated or in process till the completion. Our life consists of various hierarchies and so is true with the virtual world we are living in parallel. Computers is making the age more advanced and nearly everyone uses it for some sort of task execution. It can be preparing a file for your seminar, or creating a music playlist or scheduling task for your employees in an enterprise. Even though they all sound different, the overall idea remains the same.

Here is where the Automation was required. The manual intervention and efforts have already paid a lot and it certainly became impossible to keep the track of each hierarchy in the virtual systems. Hence the automation was introduced in order to make our life simpler and easier. Now, you must be observing the role of automation in daily tangible life but we would restrict the concept till virtual platforms i.e. computers in this post.

The idea was absolutely marvellous but implementation became a challenge for developers for years. Over and over they tried and dealt with the error and software functioning and thus, the evolution of Task Scheduler took place. We don't generally realize the fact but yes, it took a lot of time to reach the comfort we are enjoying due to automation.

Automation softwares are used in the enterprises for plethora of tasks like assigning jobs to employees, collecting and maintaining databases, copying and pasting files to various repositories over the web and local data storage mediums, backing up the data on regular basis without kick starting each time, generating reports and a whole lot of such tasks.

Even the windows users are using great automation software like VisualCron that can easily take care of almost all the windows tasks process even when they run in background as well as foreground. Automation does not stop us to become better but it always saves a lot of time and resources that can be used elsewhere. Automation is not just limited to the local but the cloud platform is equally managed by it. Cloud systems are more in demand as they have given enough proof of reliability and functioning in the recent years. Along with it, the daily tasks as small as starting and stopping the system functions can be easily dealt with the use of automation software like VisualCron.

The idea of automation is globally accepted now and we will definitely see a time soon where every other task whether virtual or real would be conducted using the automation.

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