It’s Time You Renovate Your Organization With Self Service Automation

One of the major buzzword in the IT community nowadays is self service automation. It may seem foreign to some people but actually it is a part of our everyday life. From ATM, self checkout lanes to automatic doors, self service automation technology is everywhere. It has been further adopted by industries as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Although it is being used widely by businesses, the IT sector hasn’t embraced it.

Self service Automation is basically revolutionizing the way people across the entire company do their job. You need to realize that offering end users self service automation that is VisualCron, can significantly benefit the different departments and the organization as a whole. Let’s take a look at these benefits:

  • End users as well as IT departments will experience the increase in efficiency and time savings. It is all the result of faster management and execution of requests.
  • It further provides the organization with resources and to process traceability as well as transparency.
  • Non IT users will be able to resolve the problems and stay updated with information without the constant support from IT. It will provide more time to insight and promote a better partnership between end users and IT.
  • Organizations will get to experience an overall improvement in their productivity.
  • With the management of IT services, there would be positive end user experience.
  • VisualCron enhances the quality of the service which means happy end users.

Over time, it is becoming a widely known fact that VisualCron provides an organization with many benefits. The question that is still in people’s mind is what is it exactly? VisualCron basically empowers non IT departments and users by providing them the ability to proactively take on ad hoc and daily processes.

Reliance on IT intervention leads to inefficiency and frustration on both parts. Through VisualCron, you empower business users to accomplish the day to day tasks and process on their own. It will save the IT department’s time that they can put into more critical tasks. Self service automation basically allows the end user to resolve the problems  independently. It can also be used as a proactive means to transfer ownership from IT department to end user. Be it for development, production or test tasks, effective IT service management starts with automation solutions and self service.


Over time, with the increase in the amount of technologies, it is harder to find the right IT staff and in right quantity. With the help of VisualCron, you can offload many of IT department's daily tasks, making the handling of human resources a bit easier.  It further facilitates a business in being more productive while providing with more time to focus on core areas and further the IT and non-IT collaboration is improved and strengthened.

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