Why Does Your Organization Need Cloud Automation?

When resources are made available to the consumer via the Internet from a cloud-based infrastructure, it is referred to as cloud-based service. Cloud-based infrastructure is a model or virtual infrastructure from which on-demand services are delivered or accessed via the Internet.

With the organization expanding their consumer base, there is a crucial need for inexhaustible storage space, extensible infrastructure, cross-platform support, adequate data back and file synchronization. This gave rise to automation specifically cloud-based automation. You can find dextrous cloud automation solutions at VisualCron. It supports various cloud platforms and services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and facilitates the monitoring cloud files and managing cloud instances.

Since consumers are increasingly relying on automation, businesses these days are incorporating one or the other type of cloud platform to align their operation with consumer’s expectations. Let's look at some of the benefits of adopting cloud automation in an organization or a business:


Mos of the defects that add on to the overall expenditure is a result of improper test equipment configuration. Since Cloud Automation eliminates the need for a complex infrastructure, it reduces the operational and capital cost substantially. VisualCron implements easy configuration strategy to save the time and money, proving beneficial for the long run.


With cloud-based automation testing, the tester has enhanced access to the testing resources and reports, which makes it easier for the testers to collaborate efficiently in real time. This further increases productivity and increases reusability of test components.


Competent cloud automation simplifies collaboration, instills transparency in the organization and refines application disposition by identifying and rectifying errors in early stages. This reduces the time wastage of going back and forth and also helps in mitigating end-result risks effectively. This minimizes the cycle time and enhances application development.


With cloud automation, companies no longer have to worry about the burden that comes with expanding the business as automation facilitates scaling up of daily tasks leaving the company unfazed regularly allocating the time and money.


There are many devices, platforms, and browsers and with this, the businesses are struggling to perform accurate testing in multiple environments at the same time and not one after another. Cloud automation has the characteristic of parallel testing that facilitates covering various devices, platforms, and versions at the same time. This further promotes continuous integration. Visualcron facilitates cross-platform handling.

Aforementioned are some of the key benefits of incorporating cloud automation in your organization or business. Automation results in judicious resource utilization, fair workload distribution, and smooth IT operation. If you are looking for adept automation, integration and scheduling tool, look no further than VisualCron. It has proficient tools for resolving all your Cloud automation needs be it: storage space, availability, latency, cloud instances for Amazon EC2, Cloud Azure, cross-platform support and more such customized services at affordable price.

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