How Modern Batch Processing Is Beneficial To Your Business

It is the implementation of a series of job in an agenda on a computer with manual interventions. In simple terms it is a processing mode. In batch processing the inputs in the program is in batch inputs instead of single input.

The initial batch processing systems were developed in the days of punch cards and mainframes. The program was accessed on the punch cards and operators of system would have a batch of cards to feed into the computer. The modern batch processing softwares still involves the implementation of different processes but is more sophisticated and evolved.

Evolution in Batch Processing

Batch processing has evolved in past 20 years but still exists. Modern batch processing involves a tool called Modern Workload Automation and event-driven scheduling. The process starts running as soon as the resources are available. Therefore, in order to optimise the efficiency one needs batch Job Scheduling Software.

Why do you need Batch Processing Software?

  • Manual process does not ensures that the order is given on time or not. However, batch processing software does.
  • Without this software it is hard to verify whether the previous process is complete or not.
  • There is nothing new in looping scripts. Batch processing software makes the change of files very efficient. It is easy to know that the new files have arrived and the old files are changed.
  • Most of the time we are not aware that the server is available or not. But this software creates a dependency across servers.
  • This particular software can shift the time of processing the job to the hours when the computing resources are least busy.
  • Also, it avoids inactiveness in computing resources with constant supervision and intervention.
  • By keeping the overall rate of utilisation high, it saves the computer. Especially it works more efficient for expensive computing system.
  • It offers the system opportunity to prioritise the the different work. It ensures that the interactive and non-interactive works are done simultaneously.
  • The batch processing software only runs one system for many transactions instead of using many programs for different transactions.

Benefits of Modern Batch Processing systems

The contemporary batch processing systems have some essential features which should be must in a modern enterprise. For saving resources and time, it should be certain that the batch processing applications consist of monitors, dependencies and notification.

  • Monitors

The events which comes to your server and trigger the next in the process are looked by monitors. They also have the ability to detect new files that are made by another process. The batch processor needs monitors for errors and delays. These monitor capability should be included:

  1. Processes
  2. System availability
  3. Overruns, underruns and late starts
  4. Errors
  5. Files and directories
  6. Notification
  • Dependencies

As soon as any file or transaction has been done from the client’s side, the next step should be taken without any wait. The workload automation tool needs to be reconcilable with different processing systems to make sure dependencies with those different systems are well supported.

  • Notifications

In order to solve the problems on time the facility of notification should be installed in the system. Your Batch Scheduling Software should consist of these notification alerts:

  1. File events
  2. Server down
  3. Job failure
  4. Service or process down

A batch processing system can be efficiently applied. However, it is used best when it’s has a capability to deal with repeated and complex tasks. VisualCron is your best bet, when it comes to effective batch processing, so order your own automation system right away!


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