Things you can automate with Visual Cron

In addition to being a powerful Windows task scheduler, VisualCron is a capable automation tool, helpful in performing a wide range of automation tasks. In this article, we take a look at some of the automation features. 
File transfer automation
Almost every company that implements a network of computers, needs to transfer files, many files, many times a day. If done manually this can be an arduous task. VisualCron makes it easier by providing automation of file transfers over FTP, SFTP, and SCP protocols.

Batch automation
The archaic but still useful batch scripting in windows enables you to execute a series of programs, which operate on a set of arguments. This can be helpful in automating a lot of tasks like image pre-processing, document conversion, or system backup. VisualCron provides robust tools that enable automation without the need to know batch scripting.

PowerShell automation
Windows’ Powershell capabilities are the reason why a league of users swears by it. It implements the .NET framework, enabling more control on the system’s design. VisualCron helps you store and edit PowerShell commands, and also provides an inbuilt library of variables that you use to feed the commands.

Cloud automation
Going for a cloud-based storage solution, you can make your company future ready, taking into account, your businesses’ growing storage needs. Cloud storage thus becomes essential for any modern business. VisualCron provides automation for scheduled uploads and downloads, synchronization, and automated backups to major cloud service providers.

Encryption automation
Since businesses are becoming dependent on more and more data, making sure that the data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is really important. Automation of encryption tasks makes the data more secure by reducing the risks introduced due to human error. VisualCron supports the OpenPGP standard for encryption and makes available seven encryption algorithms, including AES128, AES256, and CAST5.

SQL / database automation
Automating database requests help in reducing the time dedicated to tasks that occur regularly, even several times per hour. This makes it possible for the database manager to be able to accommodate a larger number of requests. VisualCron allows for connecting to the databases using ODBC, OLEDB, or direct mode (only for relational databases). It also makes automation a breeze by storing the connection credentials centrally.

Web macro recorder automation
VisualCron enables automation of tasks such as web scraping or crawling. Its list of the feature includes support for the latest Google Chrome updates, post scraping encryption, dynamic download with variables, injection of javascript code blocks, and works with iFrame.

As you can see from the above-listed features how VisualCron is a powerful automation suite that helps in achieving automation of anything. Right from simple tasks, such as File transfer, to complex tasks, such as Web macro recorder, the software umbrellas all the above factors to give you a comprehensive solution when it comes to automation.

To know how VisualCron can benefit your business with comprehensive automation, get in touch with us today!

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