How Task Triggers in VisualCron make it the most powerful scheduler out there

Triggers are the most important things in a job or task schedule. They define the event, or time when a particular task is to be executed, or a program to be run, or even stop.

In this article, we talk about how you can benefit from the variety of triggers that are offered by VisualCron.

The task triggers in VisualCron are divided into two categories, Time Triggers, and Event Triggers.

Time triggers are simple; they execute the task at the scheduled time. You can either choose the task to be executed once, at a particular time, by specifying the Day, Date, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. This can be done with the “Custom time Trigger.” For tasks that you want to occur automatically at particular intervals, you can use the “Interval time Trigger.”

Event triggers, as the name makes clear, are the triggers that prompt a task when a particular, system or application based, an event occurs.

There’s a file trigger, that responds to changes in the file system. It is useful for associating tasks to particular files, like initiating a backup, every time a file is downloaded.

Then there’s the “Event log trigger”. It works by continuously monitoring the Windows system log and prompting the scheduler with an affirmative message, whenever a particular log is registered. That can be utilized for reporting the personnel, via email, whenever a system or application error is logged.

There’s also the “Registry trigger,” that monitors changes in the Windows Registry. That is useful for mapping tasks to system changes such as new software install, or settings configuration.

Other than these, VisualCron has a whole array of triggers that monitor everything from performance changes to WMI events, and even the RSS feed. You can know more about them here.

On top of all the other triggers, the VisualCron Scheduler enables powerful abstractions. It registers internal events like the starting or finishing off the job. That helps you in building a high-order structure of tasks based on time and event triggers.

Event triggers like the “SQL Trigger,” “Process Trigger,” “Service Trigger,” “Printer Trigger” can be particularly helpful when you want to streamline and automate the workflow of a company profile.

With VisualCron serving as a workflow management software, you can rest assured that your company’s workflow is streamlined and functions efficiently.

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