Why Powershell Automation?

More and more organizations are inclining towards implementing automation for streamlining business operation and cost-effectively increase the productivity. One such scripting language and automation tool introduced by Microsoft Windows and Windows Server for simplifying system management are Powershell Automation.

Powershell is a powerful automated task framework with a command line shell and scripting language integrated into .NET Framework helping manage manual workload.

To take control of Windows environment, Powershell facilitates a massive set of inbuilt function utilizing the power of .NET Framework.

Following are the attributes of a robot PowerShell automation tool:

  • Dynamic runtime method tools
  • Agile scripting environment
  • Easy to use interface with Windows Management Instruments

There are several reasons as to why one should start using PowerShell:

  • Powershell is both A command line-shell and a scripting language. It enables an administrator to perform the automated task on both local and remote Windows system since it comprises more than 130 command lines tools for functions. Finding Powershell tools and resources is easy.
  • Many tasks can be accomplished with a robust PowerShell tool like error-handling, event-based triggers, audit log and enhanced security features.
  • Utilizing PowerShell implementation like that of Visualcron, PowerShell Task is also beneficial for an enterprise since you will be able to keep and edit the PowerShell script within Visualcron and simultaneously take advantage of Visualcron Variables.
  • Unlike text-based output, Powershell is object-based which facilitates performing multiple actions such as filtering, sorting, measuring, grouping, comparing on the object as it passes through the channel.
  • Given the Powershell object-based nature and secure integration with the .NET Framework, and other such technologies, Powershell is not only helpful for system administrators, but it can also help with the SQL performance monitoring, supporting end users without any interruption, etc.
  • With Microsoft introducing Exchange 2007, not all tasks can be performed in the Graphic User interface, and GUI will only be used for specific administrative tasks. Hence for other obscure functions, one has to utilize PowerShell.
  • GUI’s designed by Microsoft work as the front-end interface for the PowerShell and a PowerShell code is generated every time a function is performed through the GUI to complete the requested task.
  • With the help of PowerShell Automation, any task can be completed with a line of code.
  • Automating PowerShell through Powershell Task Visualcron picks up errors and output so that they can be passed on to the upcoming task by the operator.
  • Learning PowerShell means learning a wholesome package wherein the learners acquire the ability to control and automates associated integrated technologies simultaneously. Learning PowerShell also helps in being proficient in working and handling specific executables like net6.exe, schtasks.exe

But not everyone has the kind of time to sit down and learn automation, especially if you are responsible for running a large scale organization. You can utilize PowerShell task by VisualCron and their automation a, integration tools to simplify your business operations so that you can focus on the core values and strategic work of your organization in a more efficient manner.

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