Batch Processing

There are several domains in an industry which means an indeterminable number of tasks to operate. To ensure productivity, all these tasks should be kept on track in a streamlined way. An organization should incorporate and implement an effective job scheduling system to ensure smooth, error-free operation with enhanced productivity.

The changing business world has led to the emergence of big data which means more task to work on. Old ways of processing jobs won't work any longer. Companies not implementing automation or a job scheduling system are burdening their IT Department to perform the administrative tasks manually using repetitive steps that would drive up the cost to produce the product, taking up their valuable time which they would have otherwise spent on focusing on the core values of the industry.

Automation is a necessary component to yield best results at low cost and with proper utilization of previously underused or overused resources. For industries to be able to handle the chains of operation that leads to the manufacturing of products and services, they need automation to sustain various enterprise apps and performance, called batch processing. VisualCron Batch Automation allows capturing and controlling exit codes and outputs to provide value-added application execution. It also facilitates handling implementation of batch files with a more managed alternative to batch execution.


Batch processing is a process in which batches of jobs are completed in a sequential, non-stop, sometimes simultaneous order by the computer, ensuring large jobs are finished in a small chunk to maintain efficiency during the debugging process.

Batch processing has evolved from arranging census data by a simple punch to an automated workflow that is aimed at releasing more time and money for the organization.


1. Batch processing is an invaluable tool to reduce overall production cost, increase efficiency and make the business operation more stable. Answer the following question to determine whether or not your business should invest in a batch processing and automation system:

2. Are you manually checking new files and doing other jobs? How do you ensure that the jobs are done correctly and in the right amount of time? How do you ascertain the timely completion, processing, and submission of the task in the correct order?

3. Do you have a system to check whether a particular job is taking too much time? Or is the next job dependent on completion of the first?

4. When checking for a file, does your script spiral time and gain to ensure efficiency?  VisualCron launches any script with an optional RUN AS Credential, returning the exit code, standard output, and standard error, enabling to pass arguments into the executable. VisualCron Batch Automation Task is optimized for VBScript and JScript execution through cscript.exe which allows more control over the output.

5. Can your current set up trace reliance of the job over the servers? Does it have retries function available at task-level? How is the server getting affected by the retries?  How will you know whether the dependent server is available or not?

If you were able to answer these question in a breath without any hesitation, then you have it all sorted, which is a rarity. But if with these questions, you were able to better gauge upon the lagging aspect of your business processing, then you need an adept batch processing software like VisualCron Batch Automation to be able to generate high-quality productivity at reduced operational cost for fast and accurate results.

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