Debunking The Myths Of Automation Software

Are you thinking of installing automation software in your company? Are you afraid what if its misconceptions come true and you end up making a wrong decision? It’s true that well-designed automation software can largely affect the productivity of a company. However, there are still some myths revolving around automation software that need to be busted right away! It’s something that can give you an edge over your competitors by simplifying your day to day tasks as it is vital to pay more attention to the development of the firm by detecting and eliminating faulty areas. We have listed a few such misconceptions to help you make the right decision. Have a look:

It shows accelerated results instead of complicating simple tasks

One big misconception that is doing the rounds lately is that automation software makes the entire process more complicated than simplifying operations. However, the truth is that automation software assures a higher efficiency of the firm by making an enormous difference in the overall time frame of the task at hand. For example, file transfers become such an easy task with automation software with the help of Automate File Transfer. It simplifies the process and secures your files by disabling interruption from any other unauthorized source with the help of multiple data encryption methods. It eliminates errors by assuring correct functionality across areas. This is just one example of how automation software simplifies tasks instead of complicating them.

It does not increase business expenses

Automation software is often known to be quite expensive. While we try out new technology for our business operations, first thought that crosses our minds is whether it is affordable or not? The best way to go about it would be to analyze what will be the return of investment that it will be able to offer? Same goes for automation software. Automation software just doesn’t make tasks easier to perform but also increases the efficiency and output of the company. It reduces the manual work and hence makes your system less prone to errors. Automating tasks along with easy configuration saves the time and effort that gives you room to brainstorm on other operations as well. Which helps in greater revenues for the company and hence bring in more money without costing too much. With 100+ custom tasks for different technologies we are sure we can solve and automate your problems.

It is a highly adaptable product as opposed to the misconception

Another misconception that we often hear is that one ends up assuming that the software won’t go well with their firm’s operations and turn out to be incompatible with a lot of other tasks as well. However, the truth is that we, here at VisualCron, offer you 45 days of the free trial of the software so that you can find out for yourself and can trust us in a much better way. In this time and age every customer expects zero response delay and real time data is always appreciated. In order to help you with it, automation tool systems are built to respond to changes and events accordingly and provide accurate results with lightning speed.
Progress bars, status icons are just a few things that VisualCron uses to enhance the real time experience. We provide tailor-made solutions that streamline your business operations and help with the firm’s productivity. We base our development on feature requests from our customers. A well-designed automated command will make performing complicated tasks easier for you. And that is exactly what we offer. Automation tool, workflow automation, workload automation, business automation software, business process automation software and task scheduler are some of the names used to describe the software that provides automation for windows.

It does not require specialized personnel for implementation

This one myth is something that holds back most companies from implementing automation software in their firms. And that is, most people think that it takes specialized personnel to run such software. Someone that has more to do with programming software. However, the truth is that automation software like VisualCron has an easy to use interface that helps big time in learning and creating tasks without much difficulty. It is not only affordable to purchase but also super easy to maintain. For example, one can quickly learn how to perform the function of automate file transfer because it uses common protocols for file transfer and script execution across different platforms.

Why VisualCron?

Through the implementation of Visual Cron, documentation of the company’s operations becomes relatively easier and you get to have the liberty to divide your time more effectively. VisualCron offers you the kind of services that are unbeatable in the market. We have listed a few of our features to give you a glimpse of how VisualCron can be a good investment for your company:

  • Desktop macro - The Desktop macro Task lets you automate in a visual way. Desktop macro Task records your mouse moves and keystrokes and can play them back for you any time.
  • Remove Variable - The Remove-Variable Task lets you automate the removal of existing Variables.
  • Unlock workstation - The System unlock Task can auto-logon or unlock a desktop. If a screensaver is running it will break free from that one too.
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