Why Your Organization Needs Encryption Automation?


Technology has undoubtedly made operation in an organization easy, efficient and more productive but the same technology poses a threat to the organization leveraging from it.

If there’s any threat scarier to an organization than that of not being able to make a profit, it would be losing their data to cyber thieves. Per a recent study published by Gallup, Americans are more concerned about being a victim of cybercrime than a violent attack. In this, 71.5 are worried about being hacked and 67% fear of their identity being stolen.

Cyber Crimes are increasing at a rate faster than expected. It’s only April, and per recent research findings, close to 1.76 million user’s data has been leaked in January alone. With the increasing hacking and data breaches, cybersecurity is now becoming a challenge for businesses. To make the condition worse, it has been found out in a study conducted by Varonis that 41% of the companies have more than 100 files with sensitive information that is left unprotected, open to all and 58% have over 100,000 folders to everyone.


Do you know how crippling cybercrime is to an organization?

  • Data leak and breach, identity theft, ransomware attacks, phishing web-based attacks, and such crimes impact the business to the extent of irreparable damage. Accenture reported a total of 27% increase in the cybercrime cost from 2015 to 2017. This is a staggering revenue loss.
  • Aside from that, the reputation that took you years or decades to build could be tarnished forever with a minor leak of user’s sensitive data. Not only will this adversely impact your organization’s productivity but the lost trust amongst the customers would lead to them breaking all ties. Your organization might not be considered credible to partner with, and the public perception would get ruined forever.
  • The impact of cybercrime has the potential to throw your organization out of the competition, although a damaged reputation would do the same, cybercrime can further lead to loss of your intellectual property. Losing ideas, plans, marketing campaigns will remove any possibility of standing back again in the market. The cybercriminal might even sell these ideas to your competitors, which is the last thing you would want.


  • This is why every organization should invest in an encryption framework that can protect the sensitive data from being accessed by an unauthorized individual or a department. An encryption software converts the data being processed into an unreadable cipher code which can only be accessed with a cipher key.

Wondering how encrypted data can safeguard your organization?

  • Encryption ensures that the data is protected and the possibility of data breaches is significantly reduced to a minimum. This protects your organization from being caught in a lawsuit that a customer might have files, in case their confidential data would have leaked.
  • A piece of encrypted information, even if it got into the hands of the cyber thieves cannot get decoded, thereby encryption systems prevent data breaches. This will prevent your intellectual property from being used against you.
  • Encryption, aside from safeguarding you from having to pay a hefty penalty, is also a good practice of keeping your customers confident about your services.
  • Above all privacy is a fundamental right and must not be taken for granted. Regardless of the device you use, make sure to keep it protected be it smartphones, tablets, desktops, USB sticks, servers, and soon-to-be-recycled hardware.
  • With an encryption system in place, you get data, device and content security, and the more you encrypt the data, the lesser are the chances of a cybercriminal attacking it ( or even if they attack, you can rest assure they won't be able to make a profit out of it).

Encryption can be done in two forms: symmetric and asymmetric. While a symmetric key can be easily decrypted by anyone, since there is one secret key, an asymmetric is better in data protection as it has a key pair, one public, and one private key. The private key is available only to the person sending the message and top decrypt it; a matching public key has to used. This heightens the data protection.


While encrypting and decrypting data is critical in this vulnerable world, but implementing it on the system takes a toll on the processor which then impacts the performance of the system. Aside from this it also leads to massive wastage of time in encrypting and decrypting data.


This is why your organization needs automation to speed up the encryption/decryption process. It offers the following benefits:

  • While encryption provides a basic level of security to an organization's sensitive data, automation ensures configuration and customization of the encryption methods. This further protects specific data and seizes any interference with network communication.
  • Automating the encryption and decryption process reduces the manual work, thereby ensuring enhanced quality by reducing human error.
  • It ensures that the data is safe and secure at the central server and there will be a proper selection of files and key every time a piece of information has to be encrypted/decrypted.
  • Automating encryption/decryption reduce the utilization of critical internal resources and the hassle of troubleshooting also reduces drastically, thereby saving the organization significant money.

Looking for a solution to encrypt and decrypt your data at a faster speed?

Implement Visual Cron's Encryption automation software.
Visual Cron, a provider of proficient automation, integration and scheduling tool for Windows, proffers encryption automation service to ensure impenetrable data protection without burdening the operator.

  • It provides asymmetric and symmetric encryption for OpenPGP standard, by utilizing the central keyring manager for creating and storing the PGP rings. These rings can later be also used in tasks.
  • It also offers direct symmetric encryption/decryption with various encryption algorithm such as RC2, DES, 3DES, etc.

So what are you waiting for?

Encrypt your data today!

Download and try Visual Cron's Encryption Automation software for free for the next 45 days.

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