VisualCron encryption automation: Why is it necessary?

Business process automation has arrived as a boon to the industries and businesses all around the globe. With every task, there comes the responsibility of security. We have already passed the time when the digital technology was infant and nowadays, with the advancement, the security concerns have become common in any business. The technology of data encryption is thus introduced in order to prevent data thefts, manipulation and corruption.

The common area where the technology of encryption is applied is during any form of conversation, financial transaction and file transfers. If you notice carefully, these are the most essential areas of action in any industry and compromising it is never recommended by the IT professionals.

Encryption converts the transaction data into anonymous information until it is received at the user's end. So, the data cannot be read, mismanaged or manipulated in between.

Visualcron is particularly built in a way that your encryption requirements are fulfilled in an automated form. Industrial file transfer protocols demand encryption for secure file transfer.

VisualCron is compatible with both the symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Symmetric encryption is an old technology in which the data is encrypted in a random order of letters, numbers and symbols that is almost impossible to predict or crack. The decryption can be done with the use of passphrase that both the users contain.

The encryption in both the cases is carried out using an algorithmic pattern which remains fixed. It means that an encrypted data with AES encryption cannot be decrypted by any other encryption method. VisualCron is compatible with all the popular encryption algorithms and thus provides you the flexibility to work on the encrypted platforms.

For both the asymmetric and symmetric encryption, VisualCron supports the OpenPGP standards. The supported algorithms include AES128, CAST5, 3DES/TripleDES, IDEA, BLOWFISH, AES256, DES, RC2, Rijndael AND TWOFISH.

It is vital for the business to recognize the need of an encryption automation technology so that the manual intervention in the encryption related tasks and processes can be reduced.

Business process automation is more of an adaptive technology and with the user friendly platform of VisualCron, you can easily set out the tasks and processes prioritizing your requirements. Even a non technical person can easily relate and follow the simple instruction that are built in the software.

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