The Gap in Cloud Skill Increases the Need for Automation

The world today is experiencing changes in technology every single day. What was trending a decade ago is considered archaic today. This means for us to remain relevant especially in the workplace, we have to keep up with the changes in technology.

Companies are finding the use of cloud relevant and more profitable to the business. The need to move data to cloud and manage services from there is becoming a necessity for many companies whether big or small.

However, companies are experiencing a blackout in human capital. They lack a robust IT department that can handle the migration of data to cloud or even manage customers and the business once everything has been migrated to cloud.

This has become a common problem for many companies. It can result to massive losses due a workforce that lacks the necessary skills to operate services and manage clients on cloud.

Technology has, however, taken care of this headache. To combat the failures of human capital and an unskilled IT department, automation is the solution that your company needs. With automation, your company is going to reap the following benefits:

1. Data recovery

With automation, your company’s data is backed up and secured. This means that you can recover any data lost securely and within a short period of time. This will also help the company save money in terms of human capital to manage and backup your data. The system does not have to engage a human administrator to recover any lost data. This can be done automatically by the system once you adopt automation.

2. Flexibility

With automation you can scale up your business demands for bandwidth on a need case basis. This means that you do not have to invest on infrastructure that will not be optimally used by your company. Optimization means you only acquire bandwidth that is required by your company.

Once your company grows, you can incise the bandwidth. In case you are downsizing, you can equally reduce the bandwidth. This agility can give your business a competitive edge over your competitors

3. Automated software updates

Once you automate your business process, you no longer need to worry about checking on the systems. That is the power of adopting an automated system. The Automated System will take care of all your security updates. In case of the need for a system upgrade, it will occur flawlessly. This leaves you time to focus on more important aspects of the business.

4. Increased productivity

With an automated business, your team’s productivity will increase. This is because of the ease in sharing data and information among your team members effortlessly. Their productivity is also measured on a real time basis. Teams can exchange wok progress and share challenges experienced in executing projects. This fosters teamwork and enables departments to support each other.

5. Secure

An automated system can identify system users and authenticate any requests made to access the system. The system also allows the users access only within their work class according to an organization’s structure. In case the work class changes, amendments can be easily made to accommodate the new role.

The system can also track workflow and report any unutilized applications. With an automated system, an organization can keep a secure system by ensuring only authorized people have access to it.

6. Adherence to policies and procedures

Adoption of an automated system gives a company improved adherence to policies and procedures. Through automation, predication and consistency are possible. Using intelligent applications and devices, the system can avail solutions that are repetitive and consistent for every user within the same work class role.

Human errors are also eliminated in the system, making data processing accurate. It also makes auditing easy and improves monitoring and evaluation.

7. Cost effective

Automation reduces the need for human capital in a business. Though it does not entirely eliminate human capital, it reduces the need for human interaction by a great percentage. It replaces some of the roles that only humans can execute.

Resultantly, this reduces the recurrent expenditure of a company through wages and salaries, and in the long run, it increases the company’s profitability. The money channeled to cater for salaries and wages can be used to improve the infrastructure of the company and for expansion.

8. Bigger outreach

By adopting Cloud Automation, you can reach a wider network of people using a lean IT department. Through the use of intelligent apps, the system can flawlessly interact with more people and cover a wider geographical area.

As a result, marketing becomes easy and more profitable. The system can be tuned to contact people within a certain target area and send promotional messages to them. This is especially so in social media marketing. It helps you achieve your marketing goals within a small budget.

With this knowledge, automation is clearly the future of businesses. To ensure your business grows and is in line with changes in technology, automation can no longer be ignored.


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