Almost every organization makes use of FTP, SFTP or SCP to transfer files and crucial business documents from one client to another over a network in an easy and effective method. With the passing time and advancement in technology such as inception of automation, file transfer protocol has become a rather easy and more secure way of communication, as in the transfer of information amongst businesses.

But there has been one looming concern associated with the transfer of a file over a network protocol and that is of, security. Today we will be discussing some tips that you can incorporate to enhance your FTP server’s security:




The first step in identifying and curbing security breaches and threats is to keep a log review of who is accessing your FTP website. This can be done by enabling logging. The way you will have an accurate record of which IP addresses are visiting and accessing your site.





Data when being transmitted from one client to another is prone to being leakage, theft, etc. which is security during data transmission is crucial. Cipher is one such means to ensure safety and security in data transmission of SFTP and FTPS. Cipher, an algorithm is used to encrypt the original data with a key and the transmit it. Make sure the cipher you are using is an updated version. Furthermore to verify if the transmission is secure or not, hash, another algorithm should be put in place.





Although by default, the password setting is turned on, often the organization is lazy when it comes to securing their data transmission with a password. It is essential to make sure that your password adheres to the organization’s compliance standard so that they can pass through the security audits.





If you want to outgo and not any incoming if file, then we suggest you configure your FTP site in a manner that the user can write the data without accessing or reading data from your directory; safeguarding your content from going in the hands of an unauthorized user.





To profoundly safeguard the file accessing and transfer, we would recommend you incorporate the provision to filter the IP addresses into whitelist and blacklist. Blacklisting will prevent unauthorized access or modification to your files, for a short period or forever. This way you can block specific geographical regions. Additionally, you can enable the auto blacklisting in your FTP to automatically prevent the file transfer from massive attacks.

FTP Automation has made sure that the transfer of files is done in a most secure manner possible, there’s always room for more information and extra knowledge.

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