Ftp Misconceptions, You Should Not Believe

We have gone to lengths in discussing how the file transfer protocol came into being and how over the years it has evolved into a more efficient file transfer software. You can read about FTP transfer in detail in our previous blog.

Despite being a competent tool that provides a comprehensive platform for storing and transferring files in an organized manner, that helps save significant time and money, there are several misconceptions that users have regarding file transfer protocol. In our today’s blog, we discuss and debunk these misconceptions in detail:


  • It is not as straightforward as sending files from one point to another:


Yes, the original purpose of file transfer protocol was to transfer bulk files from one client to another quickly. It was considered ideal for sending large files. But file transfer is not just that, it needs a secure channel for transfer of data. If you see FTP only as a tool to get the job done quickly, then you are profoundly mistaken. File transfer needs compliance, full visibility, adequate security controls and permission, the need for a larger bandwidth to accommodate extensive files, size of which are increasing with time. With VisualCron supporting file transfer protocol, you can rest assured that all your data transfer will be adequately monitored to ensure security.


  • FTP is a necessity since every transfer contains sensitive information.


Business’s refrain from implementing and utilizing the file transfer protocol, with the excuse that their business does not involve the sharing of any sensitive data. Even if you might not consider the data to be sensitive enough, every information transfer between enterprises which is big enough for an email should be adequately secured. With the passing time, sensitive data is only going to get bigger and should be adequately protected with data regulation policies. VisualCron facilitates the option to choose from private and public key authentication, along with the certificate, if required. VisualCron secures the communication to ensure file transfer protection.


  • Emails are not good enough to transfer large files:


Its human nature to do the work which involves the least resistance. But this should not be put into practice when it involves transferring vital and sensitive information about the organization, employees or employers. One such practice is transferring confidential information through personal email. Not only is this breach of compliance and violation of work rules and regulation, but it also makes crucial organization data prone to malicious intent. They say it is hard to kick the old habits, especially the bad ones like using personal email for business/work purpose. Then why not implement an alternative like VisualCron File transfer protocol, for more secure and efficient communication.

Yes, all these are nothing but misconceptions but why not save more time and money when you can, with automate FTP transfer by VisualCron?

VisualCron supports various file transfer protocols from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SFP. VisualCron automation tools enhance the efficiency and security of transferring files, thereby reducing wastage of  time and money, which could be otherwise be invested in achieving business goals.

Not only automation but with VisualCron, you can also trust upon getting your integration and scheduling streamlined in a more sophisticated manner at a considerably reasonable price. VisualCron tools offer a discernible programming interface which does not demand users to be expert in a programming language, hence can be easily navigated by any employee, without compromising on quality and security of the service dispensed.

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