Why You Should Automate FTP File Transfers?

The File Transfer Protocol has been serving the world since 1970, when its initial specification was designed by Abhay Bhushan. It’s a simple server to client connection making use of the TCP internet protocol.

The simplicity of FTP systems is the reason that they are still being actively used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. The files can safely (at least in case of a SFTP) be stored on a remote server, and can be accessed from the any of the company’s systems, given that it is authorized to do so.

But one of the main problems with FTP comes to fore when the system has to deal with a considerable bulk of files. For any business this situation is inescapable, because the number of digital files that the system has to handle grows exponentially with every new system that is added.

The solution to this problem is to Automate FTP File Transfer. As a holistic task scheduling suite, VisualCron also provides practicable FTP automation options. Following are some of the benefits of achieving FTP automation in general.

Saves time

Uploading to and downloading from an FTP server is a repetitive task. Assigning the responsibilities to an employee is equivalent to wastage of important time. By automating this repetitive task, you can effectively bring about a reduction in the quantity of time that the employee spends on the a task that can be done by a machine.

Saves Money

Since less man-hours are spend working on repetitive tasks, the company practically saves money in the form of saved time. The resources of the previously engaged employee can now be utilized for dealing with more important tasks.

Increases system’s capacity

When the push and pull requests (or upload and download requests) are automated, the tasks take the amount time they’re supposed to take. This means that less time is spent on the decisions that precede execution of these tasks, as in case of a human operator. Since a computer doesn’t discriminate between the value of tasks, and the limit is only the computation power, without scope of exhaustion, with automation you can be rest assured that the FTP system is running on optimal bandwidth and is making. Also, automation helps in reducing human errors, increasing the reliability of the system.

As you can see, going forward with automation can offer tremendous advantage to your business, both in terms of time efficiency and resource allocation. VisualCron provides file transfer automation options, with support for FTP, Secure FTP, and SCP protocols. This allows for easy automation of uploading and downloading tasks and robust selection with “file filters”.

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