History of Scheduling and Its Role in Today’s World

Businesses have been using technological solutions to boost their efficiency and resource utilization. From small-scale to large-scale businesses, automation processes eventually turn out to be quite necessary. It’s even now that when people talk about tools like Windows Scheduler or scheduler software, in general, the word “efficiency” always tags along and all for the right reasons. But, experts like to keep repeating that scheduling is an automation process and is much more than just efficiency. Before moving further, here is a brief history of scheduling.

Scheduling: Where It All Started?

The history of scheduling can be traced back to 1956/7 when Kelly and Walker started developing an algorithm called Critical Path Analysis which will be the onset of scheduling. Critical Path Analysis was written to schedule “a set of project activities”. Much later after this, the first commercial scheduling software was launched in 1980 name Micro Planner. And again, with the launch of the first Windows Scheduler in 1985, the history of scheduling was changed forever!

Currently, not only every operating system has its default scheduler, there are many different efficient scheduling tools available in the market enabling easy task and job scheduling. Not only you can define your own tasks but these scheduling tools also have inbuilt tasks like executing packages, running SQL queries, etc. VisualCron is one of the top-rated schedulers for Windows that is also an integration and automation tool. Download your 45-day free trial version of the software with full functionalities right now!

Role of Task Scheduling Tools In The Modern Business World

The world is moving towards complete automation of business operations and that day is not that far when people start using robots for their daily tasks. As mentioned earlier, task scheduling is also a form of automation. The role of Task Scheduling tools in the modern business world is along the same line.

Businesses, currently, have a definitive need for efficient utilization of the available resources and task scheduling tools like VisualCron for Windows are a great help. It not only helps you to create your own tasks but it empowers you to implement your task with zero programming knowledge. It also offers a programming interface for customized task creation.

The primary point is: why use human intelligence of external navigation for repetitive or recurring tasks? Task Scheduling or the general concept of automation was developed to ensure that businesses refrain from inefficient manual implementations of tasks or operations. As such, task scheduling tools, in general, help businesses a lot in terms of money, efficiency, low error processings, on-the-clock timing, and much more. Benefit your business from task scheduling software start today itself.

Businesses are moving rapidly towards task scheduling and to stay ahead of your competitors, get an efficient integration, automation, and task scheduling tool. VisualCron is an all in one and easy-to-use task scheduler for Windows. Click here to download your 45 days free trial of this software with full functionalities right now!

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