Make The Most Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM With VisualCron

With increasing competition among businesses of different industries, it has become very important to make the most of your available resources through automation and integration. The business landscape has changed a lot over the past decade with the help of different technological solutions such as customization tools and software frameworks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of these solutions.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management software developed by Microsoft that focuses on a businesses’ interaction with its leads (potential consumers) and customers/clients. This is done through the integration of sales, marketing, and customer service fields of businesses. As such, a customer or a client’s entire journey, from being a lead to a consumer and beyond, is documented at one platform - Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Right from the point when a customer is a lead(sales) to the point when your products/services are pitched(marketing) to them, becoming a customer and ensuring immediate customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has got you covered. Using this software increases the productivity of your sales, marketing, and consumer service of your business which directly benefits you through customer satisfaction and loyalty. Since the onset of this software in 2003, Microsoft has been asking clients to make the most of this software by development and additional customizations using the .NET framework.

VisualCron is an automation, integration, and task scheduling tool for Windows. It comes with default Dynamics CRM tasks such as ‘Get audit data’, ‘Start workflow’, etc. and also allows you to create your own tasks for better efficiency of the software. Want to know more? Test it out for yourself. Click here to download your 45-day trial version of this software with its full functionality.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here are a few benefits of using Dynamics CRM in your business.

1. Efficiency & Productivity

With the integration of the most essential parts of a business - sales, marketing, and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhances the efficiency and productivity in all these areas. Dynamics CRM helps you to automate task flow and record every aspect of the buyer’s journey and beyond. This helps the management to strengthen their grey area easily and thus, improves the productivity of different departments.

2. Customization Options and Targeted Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many customization options which help businesses to use it as their established pace and workflow. For instance, you can set rules to get the notification of customer activity or you can prioritize tasks directly from the dashboard to define your own workflow using the software.

Dynamics CRM helps you to launch targeted marketing campaigns for your new products or services by defining its different prospects such as building leads, executing follow-ups, etc.

3. Customer Experience

Customer service operations are a major part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which helps businesses to enhance their customer experience and thus, improving their branding with customer loyalty. Whenever a customer complaint is registered, the respective department is notified and as a result of enhanced communication between the departments, a ticket is resolved as soon as possible.

VisualCron Tasks For Dynamics CRM

VisualCron comes with many default tasks that help you to customize and automate Dynamics CRM operations for your business. Besides, VisualCron also offers its own easy-to-use programming interface with both the .NET and Web APIs. You can use them to enable your Dynamics CRM Software with automation and improved functionalities.

Here are a few of Dynamics CRM tasks offered by VisualCron.

  • Update entity: Updates an entity in the Dynamics CRM.
  • Start workflow: Initiates a workflow in your Dynamics CRM.
  • Download attachment(s): Downloads attachment or multiple attachments in Dynamics CRM.
  • Get audit data: Retrieves auditing information from Dynamics CRM.

There are many such default tasks defined in VisualCron to help you automate operations and make the most of your Dynamics CRM software. You can also use VisualCron’s programming interface to create your own tasks easily. Interested to know more? Try your 45-day free trial version of VisualCron with full functionalities, today!

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