Role of Automation in Future Business Operations

The phrase “digital” revolution is being used quite often and, no matter how cliche it sounds, it’s the truth. We are moving towards a high-tech progressive future and automation is helping a lot in this progression. It is estimated that that day is not far when robots will replace half of the global workforce. Be it robots handling a machine or a simple biometric registration machine, automation has dug its rot very deep in the modern business world. There used to be a time when automation was limited to recurring tasks but with the help of today’s artificial intelligence (AI), automation has progressed a lot. Today, tiny robots even have entered households and this gives a glimpse of how the future is going to be!

Automation In The Current Business World

In today’s highly competitive business world and in spite of the best marketing efforts at our disposal, it has become quite hard to leave a mark in your industry. As such, the management is facing bigger problem with business operations and automation is a one-in-all solution for this problem. Automation, as the name, is the process of programming a task or a job to execute without human of intervention. For instance, biometric login system records the attendance of all the employees without going through the trouble of manual processing. This simple machine automation increases the efficiency and decreases the operational cost of this process.

There are many such examples and businesses have started the use of automation processes in the current business world. From automating salary processing and the use of software to automate executions, the current business world is all ready for the use of full-scale automation. Just like every new technological solution, there are still businesses that refrain from using full-scale use of automation in operations.

Few Benefits Of Automation

Mentioned below are a few benefits of automation that are going to be very helpful in the future business world.

1. Adds Cost-Efficiency

Businesses are hungrily looking for implementing cost-efficient solutions in their operations. After all, efficient utilization of available resources, net income, and prospects of scalability matter for business. In an article, The Atlantic writes: “In 1964, the nation’s most valuable company, AT&T, was worth $267 billion in today’s dollars and employed 758,611 people. Today’s telecommunications giant, Google, is worth $370 billion but has only about 55,000 employees—less than a tenth the size of AT&T’s workforce in its heyday.” Automation has a major role to play in the future business world.

2. Around The Clock Time

Only with proper use of automation, it is possible to maintain round the clock time in business. If implemented with labor, the overall cost increases and the productivity, obviously, decreases. In the future business world, automation will not only take over labor from repetitive tasks but more complex tasks too.

3. Lowers The Chances of Errors

Even today, large scale businesses lose millions of dollars because of minor errors. The cost of this stake is going to increase in the upcoming future and as a business, it only makes sense to trim the chances of error occurrences. Automation reduces the chances of error occurrences to almost negligible and strictly follows the defined protocol or format.

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