Top 4 Ways How Your Business Can Benefit Using SNMP

Have you ever wondered how difficult it would have been to manage without networks? To start with, sharing between your company’s systems would have been very hectic. Luckily, there is an evolved network system to help your businesses function efficiently. But, let’s face it - even for the most experienced IT professionals, managing networks of their businesses become too much work without even a small room for errors. The evolution in technology is at its peak and we have Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that helps to manage and monitor networks/devices better. 

SNMP: A Brief Introduction

SNMP is a protocol that helps you to manage network devices and isolate related problems. This means SNMP is designed to share the burden of network administrators in managing network devices and ensuring their safety which is a very import part of your business’ operations. It not only helps to check the health of each router (even its temperature) but also helps you to maintain the chain of connected devices - any device with software that allows retrieval of SNMP information.

In simpler terms, this means that you don’t have to check every connected system in a network in case of a problem. Using SNMP tasks you know exactly where is the problem and what is its cause! SNMP can be used to manage all kinds of devices and not just routers. 

Better Network Management With SNMP

A minor glitch or virus in your company’s network can cause a lot of damage - financial, trade secrets, reputation, and what not! Simple Network Management Protocol helps you to maintain the security of your company’s network by using messages called traps and polling.

  • SNMP Traps

Traps are messages generated by an SNMP device if a change in the network is detected. This means traps are emergency messages which are sent by a device to the controller called “SNMP Manager”. As such, IT administrators don’t have to check each device to ensure their safety but are notified by the devices itself when required.

  • SNMP Polling

SNMP Polling is basically the controller (SNMP Manager) asking individual devices about their safety - retrieving information about any faulty behavior or connection problems. SNMP uses these two message types, besides others, to ensures the safety and security of the network system in your company. 

Why VisualCron Tasks For SNMP Of Your Business?

Operating SNMP can be difficult and can be quite hectic to manage all the related operations at once. This calls for SNMP tasks that can automate the execution of network management commands. VisualCron is automation, task scheduling, and integration tool for Windows. It comes with inbuilt tasks for all the basic commands of network management and allows the creation of new tasks when needed. Here are a few of them.

  1. SNMP Get: This task issues a GETNEXT message for an agent - device or router to inspect the value of the next variable.
  2. SNMP Set: This inbuilt task of VisualCron ask an agent to alter the SNMP value to a variable.
  3. SNMP Get Bulk: The GETBULK message ask an agent to inspect a group of values in a transaction.

There are many such SNMP task in VisualCron that makes managing your network easier and productive. Want to know more? Click here to download your 45-day free trial of the software today!


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