All You Need To Know About Managed File Transfer

Businesses nowadays operate multiple data-related processes to accomplish their objectives in less time without compromising on the accuracy and quality of productivity. The driving force of a company aside from the internal resources is how effectively yet securely are they able to communicate with their customers, partners, etc.

The digital age has given organizations a plethora of data to process information from and accordingly develop products and services to appease the customers. This massive data processing involves constant communication throughout the department and between clients, partners, third-party vendors via file transfer.

Do you know how much data we create each day with our current pace?

2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

Do you think the traditional file transfer system will be able to efficiently manage the copious amount of data that is disposed on per minute basis?

While the data is not showing any sign of slowing down, these traditional systems do not have the capacity to handle the bulk information generated in this time and age. They consume a lot of time and require extensive labor work, which increases the probability of errors and delay in file processing.

Also, it is essential to emphasize the fact that as the data is growing exponentially, so are the security concerns surrounding it. Organization’s data contains sensitive information, which has the potential to jeopardize a business standing in the market, if it goes out by mistake or with intent, allowing the rival to take advantage of the leaked information.

Traditional file processing systems offer low data security, and it also doesn't uphold the transaction required in the database management system to ensure accuracy, integrity, and completeness during the file transfer.

In this cut-throat market scenario where every single piece of data shared and received has the power to change the course of action, having a potent communication channel for immediate and efficient file transfer is essential. A file transfer that is not only managed adequately and processes as required but also adheres to the security and compliance measures is the need of the hour for the organizations to grow without a hassle in the business landscape.

This is why an increasing number of businesses are opting for managed file transfer by VisualCron. Our MFT automation products and software provide a secure data transfer through the network, be it internal, external, or ad hoc data transfer.

So, what is Managed File transfer?

Outranking file transfer protocol, hypertext transfer protocol, and various other transfer methods, MFT, provides for a secure and compliant electronic transfer of files, between systems and people. A platform that is increasingly being used by many organizations across industries, MFT utilized encryption and industry standard protocol for sharing of substantial data which can be of sensitive in nature. Unlike other applications, MFT is a more secure and reliable means of file transfer and storage.

How Can Your Business Benefit From MFT?

The technical capabilities that come with adding the prefix “managed to the file transfer” can benefit a business in multiple ways:

  • Improved Security:

MFT provides supreme end to end security for data in transit and in rest, with the support for PKI. The files will be encrypted with a specific code from the sender’s end and can only be accessed after entering decryption code. Thereby MFT ensures that the integrity of the file is maintained and no one is able to accidentally or intentionally alter the file in transit.

  • Compliance:

Almost every business today is covered by laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS. Any exchange of information or data through file transfer should be done adhering to these compliance rules. Failing to do so can lead to leakage is confidential information, cyber attacks, which will make the organization liable to penalty and breach notification. This will garner negative publicity, thereby damaging its reputation. With MFT you can rest assured that no matter the data, big or small, is shared where you wish to, in a secure manner with MFT facilitating policy compliance

  • Automation:

With MFT solutions, you will not just automate the file transfer but the entire business process such as backing up files to the cloud and a remote server, moving the file to the directory, then encrypting them and sending out to several trading partners, picking up files from one folder, etc. MFT automation tools and software save significant time and mitigate the possibility of errors.

With VisualCron’s MFT automation, you get efficacious, highly secure and comprehensive file transfer comprising of reporting, global visibility, automation of file transfer related activities and processes, performance monitoring, end to end security and more.

Why should you go for VisualCron's Managed File transfer automation tools?

  • Not only do they provide on-premise licensed software packages, but also software as service as well. We design for both enterprise and direct sale to the individual customer, which in case of enterprise use saves up a lot of information technology resources.
  • With our MFT solutions, you no longer need external SFTP and FTP solutions as you can host any number of SFTP and FTP with VisualCron.
  • File transfer over private as well as public networks is secured with VisualCron MFT automation’s encrypted file transfer protocols. Furthermore, VisualCron makes use of multiple data encryption methods to ensure that the file is stored securely.
  • Unlike MFT software and products out there, it is capable of supporting multiple file transfer protocols using SFT, SCP, FTP/S, HTTP/S which means escalated efficiency and productivity with a single software.
  • It allows easy integration with the existing application by the use of application programming interfaces. It also gives freedom to quickly generate detailed reports of the user and file transfer activity, so that the process is transparent to the operator.
  • It facilitates all-encompassing automation of the file transfer process, including identifying and managing of the failed file transfers, between the trading partners and exchanges.

Ensure controlled, secure and effective file transfer in and across organizations and systems!

Download your 45-day trial version of VisualCron's MFT automation software and products today!

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