What You Ought to Know about Encryption Automation

Security breach is not an unheard or unusual thing in the business world. It is rather running quite rampant and that is the very reason businesses are investing tremendously in their IT security firewalls and detection systems. But it is not enough and the continuous search of something more to protect their data have bring Encryption Automation into play.

Encryption is basically the translation of data into a secret code which is an effective way to achieve the data security. Encryption automation allows you to perform the encryption without manual intervention. It further doesn’t need to wait for a decryption to start, stop or restart.  

Types of Encryption

There are two types of encryptions that are widely used today namely symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. Basically, the name is derived for their use for encryption or decryption from the same key.

Symmetric Encryption - In this encryption, the same secret key, which is used for turning data into an unintelligent form, is used for encryption and decryption. Therefore, needs a secure method for the key transfer between the recipient and sender.

Asymmetric Encryption - In Asymmetric encryption, a different key that is the idea of key pair is used for encryption and decryption is used. One of the keys is known as the private key which is kept secret by the owner. The other key is the public key which is shared among the people or authorized recipients.


Automation, typically makes use of automatic equipment in the encryption process to monitor and control it. Encryption could bring a lot of benefits to your company, take a look at them before making your decision.

Complete Protection

VisualCron protects your data in all forms, in transit and at rest, giving you a piece of mind. The safety of your data depends on the data encryption software you have installed. So, it is imperative that you go for a vigor program to protect your data.


The security of data from theft, with the flooding of smartphones along with other devices, have made companies struggle to find a better solution. VisualCron ensures that your data is protected across multiple devices, eliminates the risk of infiltration while making it all the more manageable.

Establish Compliance

VisualCron is the one of the best and safest ways to comply with any restrictions that your company has in place presently. The business can store and transmit data along with ensuring the compliance.

Secure Movement

The data is most vulnerable in the transport phase. VisualCron as we discussed above, ensures the safety of your data at all times and in all states, even though the transport process.

Manage Integrity

Theft is not the only problem, alteration of data is as much a risk, which affects the integrity of the business’ data. Alteration is many a times looked upon. Visualcron make sure that data is safe from any such alterations and if the data is tempered with, the recipient will be able to know and see it.

As Business process automation has revolutionized the better working and cost cuttings, VisualCron encryption automation ensures the protection of your business data. So, get your price quote today and save your business.

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