FTP Automation For Your Business

Businesses nowadays are challenged with maximizing their resources in a competitive environment. Automated files transfer infuse efficiency, speed and overall accuracy into business information exchanges. As the system of business today process automation environment, they are able to smoothly deliver enterprise critical data from one organization to another without any human involvement.

For most of the organization's files transfer between locations, partners, users and/or clients or customers is a major operational aspect of the business. Depending on your business industry, file and data transfer needs differ from occasional use to high volume transactions.

Is FTP a Right Choice?
The time before users could transfer their data across the web using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), FTP( File Transfer Protocol) was developed as an independent technology which enables users to easily move their important data from one location to another. Despite being considered an outdated technology, as for more than 40 years FTP is still widely used today.

Let's take an example,An IT person who spends the maximum of his/her time waiting for outbound and inbound transfers. What's more, many valuable hours spent troubleshooting the issues when file transfers stop or fail. Yet FTP automation is the best way your employees can turn their focus to other higher priority tasks. When you are managing a complex file transfer workflows or high demand for file transfers and when a file transfer is a priority, then FTP automation is the best solution to meet all your business requirements.

Major Benefits of FTP Automation
FTP Automation is a very useful tool, as it allows your IT staff member to [pivot away from tasks that involve file transfers and instead pay more attention to important projects. No doubt, Automation has reduced human errors and increased accuracy, and you still get the update about everything that takes place.

For examples, messages and email notifications can be programmed at points between automation process to indicate main things regarding several transferring activities. This is helpful for organizations to identify successes and failures and adjust accordingly. Other benefits are as listed below.

Complete Automation
With triggers, you can fully automate all the operations of your business. This significantly increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Plus, it also completely eliminates human errors and also ensures security policies.

File Monitoring
You can monitor your important files with better accuracy. For example, through FTP automation you can easily scan or monitor all the files that are created, deleted or even modified within folders on your networks, FTPs or SFTP servers. You can gain greater visibility in less time.

Productivity Improves
Sometimes, file transfers are even initiated on a recurring basis and IT staff get stuck in between confirming file transfers to meet expected service level agreements. The automation comes with FTP solution data to the correct person at the correct time. However, this means that the IT staff members do not have to think twice and focus on their works.

Automatic Scheduling allows you to execute workflows at future dates and times. You can schedule workflows according to you as ”one time” or for every minute, every hour or every day or any other interval according to your preference.

FTP Automation provides these powerful solutions, eliminating manually repetitive tasks so as your team can focus their talents and efforts on more important projects. For effective business solutions, opt for VisualCron for your daily business automation requirements. Contact us for more information.

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