VisualCron FTP automation will take care of the security threats that haunts your business

FTP stands for file transfer protocol and it is a platform that is used to transfer files between computers on a network. FTP is useful in case you wish to upload and download the files in a systematic form that can also be used as a backup for the future. FTP requires FTP tool that has the inbuilt facility to drag and drop the files to instantly copy and move.

File transfers have different purposes but the utmost aim of using FTP is to take the file backups and restoring the data that is accidently lost. Various organizations securely transfer the files across their local network. In addition to FTP, the similar protocols such as FTPS, SFTP and SCP are equally supported by VisualCron.

Role Of Connection In VisualCron

"Connections" in VisualCron is a task management section where you would find various tasks and processes listed in the hierarchical .form. You don’t have to individually add the server details in each task but as per your need. The change in information like passwords to these tasks would make it a global change on your system settings and that too is protected with VisualCron encryption.

Since technology has advanced to a level where the user wish to keep each and every connection details, VisualCron provides all the essential connection information like security, timeout and debugging functions.

Ease of Upload and Downloads

No matter how organized we remain, within the organization, the need for regular data backup and information is quite obvious. It includes massive downloads and uploads throughout the day. For such requirements, the direct access to the file directory and manual file actions are mandatory. With automation, you can easily do it with one time setup and you won't have to dig down much but just once.

With the use of remote and local file filter in VisualCron, you can choose the file types that requires download on regular intervals. You can even do advanced filtering among folders, by date, masks and other options. Once the task command is formed using the VisualCron Add/Edit Command view, the auto upload and download can be activated. You can even go for the test run to see how many files are listed in the filtering.

FTP Triggers

Remote file triggering can be created to monitor the changes happen in FTP /SFTP /SCP files and folders. Over the remote file triggering, you can even download the new files to different folders.

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